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5 reasons why University of Phoenix is a good choice

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When it comes to continuing education, students have so many options from both traditional four-year institutions and online-first schools. But how do options like University of Phoenix stack up for adult learners? 

University of Phoenix might have a different approach, but it has decades of experience as an institution that’s challenging the status quo in higher education. For over 44 years, University of Phoenix has served nontraditional adult learners. Whether you’re a new high school graduate, a full-time parent who wants to earn a degree, a veteran, or a first-generation college student, University of Phoenix is a reputable choice for your career plans. 

Is University of Phoenix a good choice?

Yes, University of Phoenix is a good choice. 

This university is far from mainstream, but its degree paths are just as academically rigorous as any traditional institution. University of Phoenix is a good choice because it serves nontraditional learners, offers flexible online learning, provides student resources and streamlines admission requirements.

1. University of Phoenix is accredited

University of Phoenix has been continuously accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and its predecessor since 1978. This means the University passes the HLC’s standards for: 

  • Student experience
  • Staffing
  • Student resources
  • Governance
  • Financial performance

University of Phoenix also has specialized programmatic accreditations for healthcare, counseling, education, nursing and much more. This means other schools, employers and professional societies will, in most cases, recognize the degree you earn at University of Phoenix in these professions. 

With over 100 programs aligned to over 300 occupations, University of Phoenix is a legitimate school that believes in academic rigor. But instead of focusing exclusively on theory, University of Phoenix emphasizes real-world skills and practice. If you want an education that reflects what’s going on in the world, a degree from the University can enhance your career. 

University of Phoenix also hires experienced, high-quality instructors to teach its courses. According to the University’s 2020 Annual Academic Report, its staff has an average of 26.9 years of professional experience. They have an average of 13.6 years of experience teaching university courses, too. These educators have real-world experience, which means students receive relevant instruction that will help them in their careers. 

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The University of Phoenix is an accredited and legitimate higher learning option 

2. The University serves nontraditional learners

University of Phoenix is a good choice for students who don’t fit the mold of your typical four-year university student. This institution was built specifically to support the needs of nontraditional adult learners who do not have the time to be in a classroom all day. 

University of Phoenix’s nontraditional setup allows people with a day job to pursue their degree outside of their working hours. Regardless of your age, background or schedule, University of Phoenix is a good choice for: 

  • Parents who want to re-enter the workforce
  • Experienced professionals who want to earn an advanced degree
  • Military veterans
  • GED graduates

Many University of Phoenix students and graduates are first-generation college students, too. 

3. University of Phoenix is flexible and online

University of Phoenix first offered remote classes in 1989, so it has worked with remote learners for decades. After the COVID-19 pandemic struck, a majority of University of Phoenix students wanted to switch to remote-first learning, so the University is now moving to an all-remote model for incoming students. With online classes, you’re free to learn wherever you want, when you want. 

Unlike other remote-first universities, University of Phoenix is known for its flexibility. It offers students the freedom to pursue an education on their own terms with flexible options such as: 

  • A semester-free format so students can enroll and start learning almost immediately
  • Day and night time classes
  • Opting for a single course over six weeks instead of taking several courses at once

4. University of Phoenix offers resources to students and alumni

Even though University of Phoenix equips students to study independently, individuals are not left alone throughout their journey. As a student or graduate, you have access to plenty of help and resources. 

University of Phoenix provides a robust suite of resources for students, no matter when or where they’re learning. University of Phoenix students are able to: 

  • Contact their instructors outside of class hours for help
  • Contact tech support 20 hours a day, five days a week via email, chat or phone
  • Access math or writing tutoring
  • Take online skills assessments that can be added to a resume or LinkedIn profile
  • Get information on financial aid and tuition assistance
  • Join student organizations and honor societies just like a traditional university

The crown jewel, though, is University of Phoenix’s Career Services for Life® service. As long as you’re an enrolled student or Phoenix graduate, you can tap their career center for support with:

  • Career exploration tools
  • Career coaching
  • Resume building
  • Interview preparation
  • Personal brand development
  • Job search support
  • Salary negotiation
  • Career blogs and video content
  • Networking and mentorships

University of Phoenix knows that the purpose of higher education is to design a career that supports your dreams. With a full suite of resources backing up your education, Phoenix is a great choice for learners who need support while they earn their degree. 

5. Simple admission requirements

Unlike other universities, University of Phoenix doesn’t charge you an application fee. You can apply for free, and there’s no need to supply either SAT or GMAT scores or an entrance essay. 

To apply to University of Phoenix, you’ll need to meet its simple admission requirements: 

  • You must be at least 16 years old at the time of applying for a bachelor’s program
  • You must be a US citizen or permanent resident
  • You must have a high school diploma, GED or foreign equivalent
  • You must pass an English language proficiency test

If you’re unsure of what to do next during the admissions process, University of Phoenix’s Enrollment Representatives can guide you through the process. 

If you’re considering a transfer to University of Phoenix, it often accepts transfer credit from international colleges, military service and relevant work experience. The University will even consider credits for CLEP, AP, DANTES, and other testing scores for college credit. 

University of Phoenix: An excellent choice for 1 million alumni and counting

University of Phoenix connects underserved populations with more opportunities. With over one million Phoenix alumni across the globe, University of Phoenix is a popular option for nontraditional students to earn their degree. If you’re on the fence about University of Phoenix, trust that it’s a good choice thanks to its flexible options, history of accreditation, academic rigor and commitment to student success. 

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