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Why University of Phoenix is a respected higher learning environment

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Choosing which university is the best fit for you can be difficult, especially given that so many institutions offer similar curriculums and learning frameworks. As a result, universities can feel alike in many ways. But University of Phoenix has taken a different approach to learning by building its educational model around adult and nontraditional learners’ needs. 

Not everyone can attend every on-campus class or begin their studies on one specific start date. Although online classes and flexible start dates may sound like an ideal but inaccessible option for many prospective students, this structure is a reality at University of Phoenix. And these are just two of the steps that this accredited university has taken to support and empower a wide range of students who come from all walks of life.

Supporting Students Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a nationwide college enrollment drop of 3.1 percent in fall 2021. During this period, many universities spent valuable time grappling to transition their curriculums and pastoral care online. Meanwhile, University of Phoenix had already future-proofed its systems to continue supporting students with as little disruption as possible. As a result, impressively, University of Phoenix’s retention rates improved when COVID-19 emerged in 2020.

From a bigger-picture perspective, the pandemic has accelerated the shift in the ways that we work and learn. University of Phoenix has accommodated this shift by offering online learning provisions. On top of its supportive learning environment and online curriculums, University of Phoenix has crafted an array of services and resources for its online learners including technical services, math and writing tutoring connections and a dedicated Career Hub.

Today, many of us work around an increasing number of commitments, making it difficult to pencil education into a rigid schedule. With this in mind, University of Phoenix allows students to trade in the traditional four-year degree structure for a flexible schedule, through which they can earn their degrees in the time that suits them.

Committed Faculty and Small Teaching Groups

University of Phoenix’s faculty are active industry specialists who have valuable experience in their fields. These instructors enrich each student’s learning journey with key industry insights and practical coursework assignments that prepare and inspire them for careers in their chosen niches. Faculty at the University have an average of 13.6 years of University of Phoenix teaching experience and an average of 27 years of professional experience. Many of these individuals have also served in leadership roles in their careers.

While many universities invite high volumes of students to partake in their courses, often leaving these individuals competing for attention in a room of over 100 learners, University of Phoenix offers a 32:1 student-to-faculty ratio. This way, students can learn in small groups where they receive a high level of support from faculty.

Respected for Over 45 Years

University of Phoenix is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. An independent institution whose auditors vet universities in 19 states, the Higher Learning Commission has accredited University of Phoenix since 1978, recognizing the quality of its staff expertise, student offerings, student experience and financial programs. The accreditation demonstrates that the University meets higher education quality standards.

Traditionally, educational settings have often overlooked the needs of nontraditional learners, from single parents to those who are looking for a career switch later in life. Meanwhile, University of Phoenix has dedicated decades to helping thousands of students pursue their personal and professional goals by providing a flexible, supportive path to a college degree. 

The University offers the faculty, learning model and tools that these individuals need to overcome barriers to learning and get well on the way to securing the career they really want. It’s no surprise that University of Phoenix has earned such a reputation as a respected learning environment.

Several University of Phoenix students and alumni have shared their University experiences on Trustpilot, which is a great resource for prospective students to get real perspectives on the universities they are considering applying to.

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About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix is committed to advancing the educational goals of its broad spectrum of adult and nontraditional learners. Meanwhile, the University’s faculty help students navigate the career options and degree programs that best suit their interests. These degree programs are aligned with numerous in-demand career paths including in cybersecurity, nursing and business. Furthermore, the University provides flexible start dates, online classes and numerous scholarship opportunities to make it possible for anyone to earn the degree they desire.

On top of this, the University of Phoenix’s Career Services for Life® commitment to active students and graduates provides the resources needed to be prepared when entering the workforce for no additional charge including resume and interview support, career guidance and education and networking opportunities. For more information, visit

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