Our Phoenix campus is enrolling new students in a virtual campus experience so you can get face-to-face learning at home. That means you’ll be able to interact in real-time with faculty, classmates, and learning teams while the physical location is temporarily closed due to COVID-19 precautions. This is available for anyone who lives in Arizona.

For more information, please contact us at 866-766-0766.

University of Phoenix in Arizona

Considering attending college in Arizona?

If you spend enough time researching colleges in Arizona, you’ll discover that studying for a degree program at University of Phoenix can be a great choice. With five locations in two regions, University of Phoenix has been an accredited university — accredited by the Higher Learning Commission ( — serving working adults since 1978.

You can earn a career-relevant education from experienced instructors with years of teaching and professional experience under their belts who often include real-world examples into their lessons. You’ll also have the opportunity to apply for credit for on-the-job experience and to transfer eligible credits previously earned from Arizona colleges and other universities, saving you both time and money.

It’s also important to keep in mind that looking at colleges in Arizona doesn’t mean you’d have to attend school on-site. You’ll still have the opportunity to enroll in many of our online programs if you’d prefer to learn outside of the classroom. Students attending school online can still access the location closest to them and study in a quiet place if they wish. Whether you choose to attend classes in person or from the comfort of your own home, you’ll get to work at a comfortable pace, taking just one 5 or 6-week course at a time, building on knowledge and implementing what you learn in your future classes.

Helpful resources for going to college in Arizona

You’ve got a lot going on in your life and you’ll be balancing school with work and other obligations — take advantage of the tools we offer to ensure a smooth transition through the enrollment process, while you attend class and even after graduation. Use our finance tools like the Tuition and Fees Calculator for estimating the overall cost of your degree program, and iGrad, a program developed to help you with financial planning and tax deductions. You’ll get academic support in the forms of 24/7 access to tutoring, math and writing assistance and workshops that cover topics like time management and research skills.

No matter which of our Arizona locations you choose to attend, you’ll have the chance to build your network and mingle with students and instructors at events. You can also utilize learning team rooms to collaborate with your classmates on group projects and other assignments at each of the locations. The student resource centers provide students access to computers and copy machines, so you have the tools you need for research and success. All of our locations in Arizona offer support for Microsoft Office products including PowerPoint, Word and Excel. Sign up for one of our face-to-face location walkthroughs and the online classroom led by campus operations staff.

Choose the degree program that’s right for you

Many colleges in Arizona have courses that can teach the basics, but University of Phoenix offers up-to-date, career-relevant degree programs in business, technology, criminal justice, healthcare, science, education, human services and communication. Many of our programs created through partnerships with professional organizations, while others will help you learn what you need to sit for an industry certification exams. Customize your program with certificates and electives, learning material that can help make a difference in your career opportunities.

Choose the college experience that makes sense for your life and your career. When you look at Arizona colleges, look no further than University of Phoenix.

Attend college in Arizona at one of our University of Phoenix locations:

Phoenix Main Campus

Southern Arizona Campus