Arlington Learning Center

1800 South Bell St.
Arlington, VA, 22202-3546
Phone: 571.227.7075

Attend University of Phoenix in Arlington, Virginia

You can achieve your goal of earning a bachelor's or master's degree in less time than you might think through the University of Phoenix Arlington Learning Center in Virginia. Most classes at the Arlington Learning Center meet just once a week, usually at night. You also meet weekly with your learning team, a small group of classmates that completes coursework and assignments together.

This convenient schedule allows you to hold down a full-time job while attending your college classes. Plus, you can enroll at any time at University of Phoenix in Virginia, allowing you to begin and complete your degree program efficiently.

Earn Your Undergraduate or Graduate Degree at the Arlington Learning Center in Virginia

As a bachelor's or master's degree student at the Arlington Learning Center, you take just one course at a time. This enables you to focus your learning and study a subject in-depth. Courses last five or six weeks.

Importantly, your college courses are designed to provide an applicable, real-world education. You'll learn from faculty members with advanced degrees and substantial experience in the fields they teach. These faculty members provide not only current information, but also practical insight.

Faculty members also teach degree programs that are regularly updated and focused on providing rigorous, yet relevant, learning. In fact, University of Phoenix degree programs are designed by academic professionals, often in collaboration with industry professionals.

If you prefer to complete your undergraduate or graduate degree online, you also can learn from qualified instructors and quality programs through University of Phoenix's online educational offerings. Online associate's degree programs also are available through University of Phoenix.

Virginia : Any course, degree or certificate program offered has been approved by the University of Phoenix governing board. Credit earned for coursework in Virginia can be transferred to University of Phoenix's principal location outside Virginia as part of the University's existing degree or certificate programs.

University of Phoenix is certified to operate by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV). <Arlington Learning Center 1800 South Bell Street Suite 100 Arlington, VA, 22202-3546.>

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