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University of Phoenix Transfer Student Scholarships support students transferring or returning to school

By Sharla Hooper

Scholarships of up to $3,000 are available to students transferring into the University

University of Phoenix offers scholarships for transfer students and is highlighting the scholarship availability during National Transfer Student Week as part of a broader effort to raise awareness and understanding of the practical ways that transferring credit can save students time and money. Scholarships of up to $3,000 are available throughout the year and are awarded to prospective students for the opportunity to pursue a degree at the University of Phoenix.

There are currently about 39 million adults in the U.S. with some college and no degree. Students who have some college and no degree do not need to start over but can continue their work toward a degree by transferring.

“Transferring credit can lower costs and help individuals find the school that best fits their educational needs and career aspirations,” states Devin Andrews, vice president, admissions and evaluation. “We are proud to provide a supportive transfer process to transferring students, those who are coming from other institutions and those making the decision to return to school. The University of Phoenix Transfer Student Scholarships are intended to provide support to transfer students and honor their commitment to continuing their educational and career path forward.”

In recognition of National Transfer Student Week, additional scholarships of $500 each will be available to currently enrolled University of Phoenix students who have already transferred credit.

While the transition between institutions can be complex, the University of Phoenix works to make the process of transferring credit straightforward for students, as well as actively seeking money saving opportunities with relevant life and work experience. In the fiscal year 2022, University of Phoenix had 24,329 transfer students enroll, and of those, 14,512 came from community colleges.

The University of Phoenix supports student transfers in multiple ways:

  • Simplifying the college credit transfer process: knowledgeable staff provide supportive guidance and academic advising, request transcripts from prior institutions on students' behalf, and specially trained transfer evaluators review all prior credit;
  • Earning life and work experience credits: earning college credit for prior learning is an assessment process, offered at no cost, that allows individuals to demonstrate learning gained from work and life experience that may count towards a degree. The assessment includes evaluation of on-the-job training, workplace certifications, military service and other life experiences
  • Offering generous credit transfer possibilities: Your prior eligible credits could help you graduate from your bachelor's degree faster and for less.
  • Saving students money: on average, University of Phoenix students save $11,000 and shave 1 year off their undergraduate degree with eligible transfer credits and relevant work experience.

Vanity Hicks is a University of Phoenix student and Transfer Student Scholarship recipient. Her transfer included credits from her military experience, credits earned with and, as well as credits from completing a prior learning assessment (PLA). “Becoming a transfer student at University of Phoenix has truly been the highlight of my educational journey. Earning a Bachelor of Science in Health Management degree is no longer a distant dream, but an obtainable reality,” she shares. “My transfer credits gave me the opportunity to boost my graduation date by more than one year, and literally saved thousands of dollars on my overall tuition. As a scholarship recipient, I am one step closer at reaching the finish line and entering the healthcare profession, all thanks to University of Phoenix. I Rise!”

Hicks worked closely with Ross Casillas, senior academic counselor, to identify opportunities and realities for transfer credit.

“Working with Vanity was a pleasure. She was very driven and dedicated to graduating sooner. We explored three different options including PLA, courses through and courses through, which allowed her to transfer in 56 total credits,” shares Casillas. “Working closely on the precise courses she should take and deadlines on when credits needed to transfer allowed Vanity to bring in a majority of her general education and elective credits, as well as some of her core credits. All-in-all, this saved her over a year of time in her program and saved her more than $11,000 in tuition.”

Learn more about the Transfer Student Scholarship here.

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