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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Higher Education & Workforce Survey 

Narrative Report


This survey was commissioned by the Harris Poll on behalf of the University of Phoenix among more than 2,000 US adults, to better understand perceptions of artificial intelligence (AI) in higher education and the workforce. Among its findings: nearly 3 in 5 U.S. adults believe AI tools should be leveraged in office (59%) and classroom (57%) settings. And while many believe it can be a great resource, they are unsure about how to best utilize it, and have concerns about its accuracy (35%). The survey findings point toward opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the different functions and models of AI, responsible use showing others how a tool was used and its capabilities, and appropriate adoption of AI into work and school environments. This measured approach will help organizations become more effective and will also help facilitate better outcomes and acceptance of AI in the workplace as workers see the benefit of these tools impacting their performance and job requirements.

AI in Higher Education & Workforce Survey Findings

AI in Higher Education & Workforce Survey Findings