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Workplace Accessibility - HR Professionals Accommodations for Employees’ Disabilities 

Narrative Report

According to the 2023 Career Optimism Index® study by the University of Phoenix Career Institute®, 47% of Americans are experiencing burnout at work and half of those individuals report that it has worsened in the past year. In order to better understand workplace practices and attitudes toward employees with disabilities, including those related to mental health, the University of Phoenix commissioned with The Harris Poll a survey of human resource professionals to better understand companies’ approaches to employees with disabilities, resources and accommodations, and the role of HR professionals in the accommodation process. Certain mental health issues are categorized as disabilities, and this new survey also looks at how the workplace is managing employee mental health needs and accommodation requests. The survey findings illustrate the need for employers to understand how to support employees with disabilities through strategies that focus on awareness, workplace community, and mental health.

University of Phoenix activated this survey to look at accessibility through the HR lens in order to learn how to help students understand accessibility in the workplace, how to request accommodations as an employee, and how to build social capital as a disabled employee.  

HR Professionals Accommodations for Employees’ Disabilities

HR Professionals Accommodations for Employees’ Disabilities