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Career Optimism Index: How American workers navigate the path forward

Career optimism index

By University of Phoenix

As the U.S. approaches the one-year mark of COVID-19 lockdowns, the University of Phoenix Career Institute has released the results of its first annual Career Optimism Index™, a comprehensive study measuring working Americans’ attitudes toward their careers to help identify barriers to career advancement and highlight solutions that can help all American workers accelerate their careers.

The Career Optimism Index™ found that despite facing unprecedented challenges and a turbulent economy amidst COVID-19, Americans remain overwhelmingly optimistic and hopeful about their careers. However, persistent barriers that keep Americans from advancing their careers have been intensified by the pandemic, and workers need concrete support to translate their optimism into future career outcomes.

There has been no shortage of hardships facing Americans and their careers this year. Some of the challenges Americans face in getting ahead include low self-confidence, fear of change and lack of opportunities for upskilling.  However, Americans remain hopeful and are looking ahead to a brighter future.

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