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University of Phoenix hosts Educational Equity webinar on empowering multicultural diversity in organizations and higher education institutions 

By Sharla Hooper

Webinar to offer insights into developing and nurturing intersectional and inclusive relationships with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds

University of Phoenix is holding the newest webinar in its Educational Equity Webinar Series, titled “Feeling Enough: Empowering Multicultural Identities & Fostering Inclusive Connections,” on October 19, 2023, at 11 AM AZT. The event will feature Sahaj Kohli, MA.Ed, LGPC, NCC, a therapist, writer, and the founder of Brown Girl Therapy, the first and largest mental health and wellness community organization for children of immigrants.

The webinar is designed to offer practical approaches to effective leadership in fostering an understanding of cultural diversity and the challenges individuals face in navigating multicultural identities. The discussion will examine the unique challenges associated with straddling two cultures and offer valuable insights into developing and nurturing inclusive relationships with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. 

“The issue of diversity and inclusion has never been more important in organizations and higher education institutions,” states Tondra Richardson, MBA, Director of Student Diversity & Inclusion at the University of Phoenix. “We are thrilled to have Sahaj joining us to explore the multifaceted journey of bicultural and multicultural identity and discuss key leadership approaches to improving inclusion and feelings of belonging.”

The event is part of a public series intended for educators, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) practitioners, higher education leaders and administrators, employers, nonprofit organizations, government affiliates, and University of Phoenix faculty, staff, students, and alumni across the globe.

Sahaj's passion lies at the intersection of narrative storytelling and mental health advocacy. She's interested in the mechanics of community building, and she reflects a lot on how we can develop intersectional and inclusive care, workplaces, and relationships. She is a weekly advice columnist for the Washington Post, and is writing a book with Penguin Life, But What Will People Say, to be published in Spring 2024.

The event will include an enlightening fireside chat with Saray Lopez, MBA, and Sahaj Kohli, MA.Ed, LGPC, NCC, as they provide valuable insights and actionable strategies, along with an opportunity to explore the beauty of diversity and learn how to build bridges that contribute to creating a sense of belonging.

The discussion will be hosted by Tondra Richardson, MBA, director of Student Diversity & Inclusion and Saray Lopez, MBA, director, Student Diversity & Inclusion, both with the Office of Educational Equity (OEE) at University of Phoenix. The Educational Equity Webinar Series is part of a series of events with which the OEE engages aiming to foster cultural awareness, thought leadership and community alliances to promote and sustain educational equity and diversity initiatives. The OEE supports students and faculty year-round with programs like the Inclusive Leadership Summit and an internal offering for staff and faculty, The Inclusive Café.

Register for the webinar here.

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