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University of Phoenix to host leadership summit focused on resilience and empowerment

By Sharla Hooper

Annual event celebrates its fifth year and attracts C-suite leaders in higher education, healthcare and corporate

PHOENIX, September 7, 2023 — University of Phoenix is proud to partner with the Glenn Llopis Group (GLLG) as host sponsor of the fifth annual Leadership in the Age of Personalization (LAOP) Executive Summit, “Chasing Resilience,” on October 17, 2023, at the University campus in Phoenix, Arizona. City of Hope is the premier sponsor. The Summit experience provides leaders with an intensive single day exploration tackling uncertainty, understanding strategies to navigate forward, and create resiliency throughout an organization, from workforce, to team, to individual.  

“Change is a constant, and building the resilience and skills to adapt, for individuals and organizations, can empower us to move forward fearlessly,” states Chris Lynne, president of University of Phoenix. “The Summit establishes a welcoming space for important conversations and inspiration about how industry leaders can nurture resilience at an individual level and support the sustainability and contributions of organizations. We are honored to host the Summit and support this enriching conversation.” 

Glenn Llopis, CEO at GLLG, founded the Summit in 2019 as a movement, bringing together a diverse group of leaders from various industries, including corporate, healthcare, and higher education, with an inclusive approach aiming to shift the traditional mindset of standardization towards personalization, and emphasizing the importance of honoring individuality in leadership practices.

“The LAOP Summit was established to address the need for a departure from the traditional command and control leadership model that defined the measures of success for people, then rewarded only those who met those measures,” says Llopis. “Fostering resilience and reinvention readiness during times of volatility requires leaders to start discovering the innate capacities of their people, knowing what matters to them as individuals and creating the environment that allows people to unleash it. This 5-year milestone reveals that the only way organizations can truly be agile, adaptable and sustain their growth is by unleashing every individual’s unique strength and talent so they can thrive.” 

University of Phoenix is focused on providing career-relevant, skills-based education and professional development for working adult students, as well as custom designed learning solutions for employer alliances.  

“We are helping individuals and organizations reinvent themselves through education and workforce solutions,” shares John Woods, Ph.D., provost and chief academic officer at the University. “We understand how critical it is for individuals and organizations to foster resilience and take actionable steps toward reinvention.”

University of Phoenix established its Career Institute® in 2021 to address broad, persistent, and systemic barriers to career advancement through research-based solutions and impactful partnerships that break down barriers Americans face in their careers, beginning with the Institute’s annual Career Optimism Index® study. The discoveries with this work expanded the Index in 2022 to include perspectives from employers and be able to identify actual and perceived gaps of resources and understanding between workers and employers about career trajectory, skills, training, and support.

The University’s innovative skills-mapped curriculum, focused on the working adult learner, recently culminated in 100 percent of associate, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs open for new enrollment now being fully skills-mapped. University of Phoenix has long used flexible, adaptable online learning to support an equitable environment, and its skills-mapped approach to curriculum supports equitable access to progress. When learners obtain skills in weeks, they gain more immediate value from their education and do not have to wait years for a degree before making career decisions that can be built on skills they are already acquiring. 

“Our work in building the Career Institute, addressing career barriers, and in mapping our curriculum to skills supports our mission to provide career-relevant education for working adult learners and contribute to their communities,” states Woods. “So much of our institutional focus is on a deeply personalized and relevant experience for our learners, and so the pursuit and strategy of the Summit is an especially inspiring and natural fit for our engagement.”

This year’s Summit is a natural evolution from prior years which focused on themes such as navigating uncertainty, unleashing individuality, the collapse of standardization, and the inaugural year theme on embracing human dignity in a new age of personalization. 

While in-person attendance is invitation only, the LAOP summit this year will open to a virtual audience with opportunities to engage. Learn more and register at LAOP Summit Registration.


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