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University of Phoenix collaborates with Education at Work to help students and employees

By Sharla Hooper

Under new agreement, University of Phoenix students and alumni may be identified for open positions, and Education at Work employees can save money on degree programs

Education at Work (EAW) and University of Phoenix have announced an agreement that creates an opportunity for University of Phoenix students and alumni to potentially be hired by EAW. The agreement also includes a tuition program for eligible EAW employees seeking degrees at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral level. With this alliance, Education at Work employees may be eligible to receive tuition reimbursement for their degree, allowing them to continue their educational journey and pursue upskilling while maintaining their current employment and career path.

In a tight labor market, collaboration between higher education and training companies offers a strategy to enhance employee education and training opportunities to retain and grow talent.

Education at Work contracts with Fortune 300 technology, financial services and healthcare organizations to hire students, provide career-ready skillset, and help cover the cost of their education. “Through our current university partnerships, we have proven the Education at Work experience is a differentiator for university students. Students going through the Education at Work program have higher retention and rates, report higher proficiency in their career and are more likely to land that big job post-graduation in comparison to their institutional peers,” said Scott Blevins, senior vice president of partnerships and growth of Education at Work.

Together, EAW and University of Workforce Solutions teams identified student profiles who would best fit EAW hiring needs. More than 30 University of Phoenix students have been hired through Education at Work, so far, in 2022.

“In working with the University of Phoenix we are bringing resumeworthy job opportunities to their students across the country. All of us at EAW are the caliber of the University of Phoenix students who will surely be top performers for our client programs. We look forward to them graduating from the University of Phoenix and leveraging their EAW skillset to take the next step in their career,” said Jaime Nunez, president of Education at Work.

The new agreement includes tuition assistance up to $5,250 per calendar year for all employees and program participants. Under the tuition cap of $5,250, participating employees may take up to eight undergraduate courses or five aster’s courses or three octoral courses within a calendar year at no charge. The agreement provides additional savings as the niversity waives the resource fees for credit-bearing single courses, certificates, associate, bachelor’s, aster’s, and doctoral courses for participating employees program completion.

“With the labor market seeing a great need for skilled workers, we are thrilled to be working with Education at Work to offer employees and program participants the opportunity for higher education,” said Raghu Krishnaiah, chief operating officer at University of Phoenix. "And we are equally excited to bring career opportunities to our eligible students through our work with EAW."

University of Phoenix Workforce Solutions team offers companies and community colleges tailored learning and career pathways to recruit, upskill, reskill, and retain their workforce in an affordable and timely manner. Their flexible solutions are aligned to workplace needs and feature live support, career guidance and support tools, education programs, learning pathways and credit options, including certificates, workshops, single courses, degree programs, or any combination of these tools.

Learn more here about University of Phoenix Workforce Solutions.

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