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University of Phoenix College of Doctoral Studies Holds Annual Colloquium Supporting Doctoral Students

By Sharla Hooper

Colloquium brings together doctoral students, faculty and facilitates networking and support opportunities

University of Phoenix College of Doctoral Studies hosted an in-person Doctoral Journey Colloquium July 8 -10 on the university campus in Phoenix, Arizona, in an event supporting doctoral students’ studies and networking, as part of the College’s integrated approach for doctoral student success.

Networking receptions opened and concluded the event. Dr. Hinrich Eylers, vice provost of the College of Doctoral Studies, welcomed attendees on Saturday morning, followed by an opening plenary, “How to Succeed in the Doctoral Journey.” There were 57 students, alumni, and faculty members in attendance, from the areas of Business/Management, Education, and Healthcare, as well as 19 staff and speakers.

College administrators, staff, and faculty supported the event by offering workshops that produced active learning to stimulate deeper thought to help students in their doctoral journey progression.

Allowing for greater flexibility and less travel commitments and expenses for new students, and extending to all students during the pandemic, the College of Doctoral Studies leadership determined to discontinue in-person mandatory program residencies in 2020.

“In lieu of the on-campus residencies, we elected for an optional in-person Colloquium event that would support current doctoral students and the alumni community,” states Shawn Todd-Boone, Ed.D., associate dean, ACCESS, Research and Residency. “During the event, we committed to offering something for everyone with purposeful intent for workshops that lead to success in the doctoral journey progression and completion, as well as life and networking after earning the doctorate.” 

The Colloquium is an essential component of the College’s Doctoral ecosystem and is intended to:

  • Provide additional support to our students and alumni
  • Share updates, resources, and information
  • Build life-long relationships between our students, alumni, and CDS
  • Create networking opportunities to strengthen our Doctoral community
  • Identify opportunities to improve our programs and student/alumni support systems.

Throughout the event, participants had opportunities to engage with students from across practitioner doctoral programs, phases, and experiences while also networking with alumni.

“I attended several workshops that will make my work on the dissertation go more effectively, which is important,” states David Kopf, a doctoral student in Business/Management. “However, I also built new relationships and revitalized others. Seeing people, meeting my chair in person, and getting offers for help from many people increased my confidence in a network available to help me succeed. The colloquium provided very valuable content, enhanced my support network, and gave me more confidence that I can accomplish this task.”

Plans are already underway to hold the next colloquium and further build the engagement and networking opportunities.

“We had a great schedule of events, participation from students in all phases of the doctoral program, alumni, and faculty, and lots of positive initial feedback,” states Eylers. “We are surveying our participants and will use that to further refine the program for the next event, which will likely be here in Phoenix in about a half a year.”

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