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Steven Gross, Chief Marketing Officer at University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix leadership featured on “Data-Driven CMO” podcast by Knotch

By Sharla Hooper

Chief Marketing Officer Steven Gross shares insights on using data and content to add value to the higher education enrollment decision

Steven Gross, chief marketing officer of the University of Phoenix was a featured guest of the “Data-Driven CMO” podcast, hosted by Anda Gansca, CEO and co-Founder of Knotch, a content intelligence SaaS platform that helps partners optimize their content marketing efforts.

The podcast episode with Gross released September 22, and features Gross providing insights on his leadership and marketing experience, approach and expertise in transformational projects, building effective, synergistic teams that collaborate across departments and organizations, more fully understanding a student's journey to choosing the University of Phoenix, and his passion for working in higher education and helping prospective students see how the university can be a partner in their education and career goals.

“Choosing a higher education institution to pursue your goals is a multi-stage decision,” shares Gross. “It needs to be acknowledged and treated with respect at every stage of that decision. We focus on establishing clear accountability and clear measurement. Our students are great people who are trying to forge a better life for themselves and looking for a partner to help them do it.”

In “Data-Driven CMO,” Gansca interviews CMOs who are ahead of the curve when it comes to content and data, and how each guest uses both to move their business forward. Each episode reveals unique perspectives on the importance of the intersection of measurement and content, as well as personal stories and career advice from these marketing leaders.

“I love the way Steve and his team are using data to simplify the complex journey their students take as they consider pursuing higher education,” states Gansca. “It’s not just about marketing to prospective students but making it a collaborative effort to support their needs with the right content at every step of the decision-making process.”

Gross shares how building credibility with a team requires open conversation: “I think our core strength is that people feel the freedom to contribute, and we talk through ideas in a way that is honest, equitable and on the merits. I love that we've been able to achieve that. It makes work better: more fun, more inclusive, more productive.”

Prior to becoming the University’s chief marketing officer, Gross served as chief executive officer at Calvert Education. He holds a Master of Business Administration from The Wharton School and a Bachelor of Arts in economics and political science from State University of New York at Albany. Gross serves on the board of the Edwin Gould Foundation, focused on improving education and career incomes for low-income youth. He also serves on the Far From Timid Advisory Board, focused on content marketing and branding.

Gross has been with the University of Phoenix since 2019.

The complete podcast episode is available here.

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