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University of Phoenix senior director of student experience publishes educational expertise in new book

By Sharla Hooper

University of Phoenix is proud to announce Ward Wesolowski, senior director of student experience at the Center of Competency Based Education (CBE), has published his educational expertise in a new book. Wesolowski’s insight is included in a chapter of a new book just published by IGI Global, “Career Ready Education Through Experiential Learning.”

The chapter titled, “Experimentation With Competency-Based Education at the University of Phoenix,” is a culmination of his experimental work to uncover insights about technology, faculty, curriculum and more at the University. Wesolowski explains in his writings that failure is inevitable in education, even at the University of Phoenix. However, it is important to fail fast, learn even faster, improve and try again. He goes on to explain that this approach allowed his team to see what worked and didn’t work in a very short period of time.

Wesolowski is one of several higher education thought leaders who provided chapters for the book, which is written for other faculty, staff and educational leaders in the field of CBE.

Wesolowski says his research on this project was key. “I wanted to make sure that the design of our CBE programs, including the technology solutions, policies and faculty roles, are always serving the needs of our students. There was no better way to find that out other than iterative experimentation with our courses & students who attend University.” He adds, “our students provided critical feedback that helped to shape our programs today and it also helped students be able to reach their higher education goals in less time and with less costs associated.”

The book is available online for purchase.

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