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University of Phoenix tuition guarantee remains in place throughout pandemic and economic uncertainty

By Sharla Hooper

Tuition guarantee policy keeps promise to students and protects against rising tuition rates reflected throughout higher education

The University of Phoenix tuition guarantee, established in 2018, continues to provide relief from rising tuition costs across higher education to students, delivering affordable and competitive tuition costs that are transparent and easy to understand. Under the tuition guarantee, enrolled students lock in their tuition for the duration of their degree program. Undergraduate degrees at University of Phoenix have been locked in at $398 per credit and master’s degrees have been locked in at $698 per credit since 2018.

College costs have risen exponentially over the last 20 years and slowed slightly over the last few years: between the 2018-19 and 2019-20 academic years, colleges increased the cost of tuition 2.0%. However, in 2022, with inflation at a 40-year high, higher education institutions again are looking at increasing costs, as much as 5%.

“At University of Phoenix, our commitment to providing accessible, equitable education to diverse audiences begins with our tuition guarantee,” states John Woods, Ph.D., provost and chief academic officer. “Our practices provide transparency and empower our students as they plan their educational and career pathway. Our priority is and will continue to be how to best serve non-traditional, adult students who are seeking a flexible, supportive environment in which they can expand and enhance their skill sets and achieve their professional and personal goals.”

According to a study of higher education price-to-earnings premium by Third Way, University of Phoenix is among those that demonstrate a competitive return on investment at 3.1 years to recoup net cost. Higher education institutions should be required to be transparent with their students, regulators, and the public; University of Phoenix strives to be transparent with its stakeholders and has publicly called for more transparency across higher education. With measures such as the tuition guarantee, University of Phoenix has made gains in affordability and provides flexible, career-focused programs for adult learners.

In addition to the tuition guarantee, University of Phoenix has generous transfer policies and provides a supportive transfer pathway to all students, including students of community colleges. Prior eligible credits can cover up to 75% of a student’s bachelor’s degree at University of Phoenix.

The University also provides the opportunity for students to earn college credit for prior learning; this process allows individuals to demonstrate learning gained from work and life experience that may count towards a degree and includes evaluation of on-the-job training, workplace certifications, military service and other life experiences. It can help students save money and graduate faster. The University offers assessment of credit for prior learning at no cost.

Focused on flexibility for working adults, the University offers up to 20 opportunities a year to begin a bachelor’s degree and up to 17 to start a master’s degree.

University of Phoenix offers more than 100 online programs aligned to more than 300 real-world occupations. The University’s career-focused education is mapping programs to career-relevant skills sought after by employers, with more than 85% of programs open for new enrollment now skills-mapped. With courses starting every 5–6 weeks, students have the opportunity to learn a set of skills which can be immediately put into use in the workplace or added to their resumé.

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