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UOPX sponsors Phoenix Veterans Day Parade to commemorate U.S. heroes

By Lilia Ortiz

Every November, Honoring America’s Veterans (HAV) hosts its signature event, the Phoenix Veterans Day Parade, to commemorate U.S. veterans and the incredible sacrifice they make for our country. The tradition began in 1997 and has helped build a patriotic community spirit in Phoenix. The parade receives support from multiple sponsors, including University of Phoenix.

The parade will be held later this year on Thursday, November 11 at 11 a.m., starting at Montebello and Central and will last approximately two hours. The significance of the date and time is related to Armistice Day when the signing of the Peace Treaty took place after the First World War.

Amy Byrne, the University’s director of strategic engagement, military and veteran affairs & government partnerships, answered a few questions on University of Phoenix’s sponsorship of the event and its mission to support and honor local veterans.

Why do you feel it is vital for your organization to support Honoring America’s Veterans as we present the Phoenix Veterans Day Parade?

University of Phoenix is proud to be a Medal of Honor sponsor, supporting Honoring America’s Veterans’ annual Phoenix Veterans Day Parade. Every year, the University’s Office of Military and Veteran Affairs coordinates with its Veterans Employee Resource Group to come up with new ways to take part in this meaningful event.

In 2018, 21 employee volunteers spent 120 hours building the University’s first parade float. In 2019, they carried a large Phoenix balloon through the parade, followed by a truck filled with University employees, including University President Peter Cohen. It is important for the University to join forces with HAV for this annual patriotic display to show local veterans how much they are valued and appreciated by UOPX!

We know that Veterans Day is critical to our veterans, and at HAV, we try to honor and recognize them by hosting the Phoenix Veterans Day Parade. Presenting the Parade is an enormous undertaking, but the rewards our veterans receive are worth the effort.  As a part of the Parade, what benefits have you seen as an organization from participating in the Parade?

The Phoenix Veterans Day Parade presents a wonderful opportunity for University of Phoenix to acknowledge our nation’s heroes and their service and sacrifices. The University has tremendous respect for military veterans and seeks ways to demonstrate appreciation for such a deserving population. This important local event provides a great way for the University to connect with the public to ensure veterans receive proper recognition on this day, dedicated to honoring them.

Likewise, in engaging with HAV, what benefits have you seen from your veteran employees participating in the Parade?

University of Phoenix has approximately 481 veteran staff and faculty members and 334 members of the University’s Veterans Employee Resource Group. Being given the opportunity to participate in an event that they hold so dear in their own hearts reinforces how valuable they are to the University. Many employees express pride in working for a University that so highly values those who have served.

Many veterans are humble about their service to our country, but we also hear unique healing that takes place when we can honor and thank them publicly on Veterans Day. What are some of the experiences your veterans share about recovery by participating in the Phoenix Veterans Day Parade?

University of Phoenix is never short on volunteers to assist with veteran-related events. Veteran employees have a sense of camaraderie with one another and look for ways to expand the scope of their support. As they come together to participate in the Phoenix Veterans Day Parade, they are able to showcase their creativity, skills and willingness to help.

Their reward is a healing sense of accomplishment from paying tribute to the local veteran community in such a purposeful and spirited way. After the event, University leaders make it a point to recognize employee volunteers for their efforts.

Community support is vital to HAV as we endeavor to thank our veterans for their service to our county. What are some of your organization’s return on investment in giving back to the community via financial and volunteer contributions?

Perhaps the greatest return on investment for University of Phoenix’s participation in the Phoenix Veterans Day Parade is the ability to engage with HAV, other organizations, and local citizens to generate a significant event honoring veterans. The University wants to demonstrate its commitment to supporting the veteran community, and this is a great way to showcase that dedication.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your participation and support of HAV and our mission to honor and recognize our veterans by thanking them for their service to our country?

University of Phoenix would like to thank Honoring America’s Veterans for putting on such a remarkable annual event to thank veterans for their service. We’re proud to be part of HAV’s mission and applaud its continuous work to honor and recognize those who have fought for the freedoms we enjoy.

To learn more about how University of Phoenix supports active military and veteran students and their families, visit the University’s Veteran Resource Center.

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