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Why our Professional Development?

We designed Professional Development to help you discover new skills on your schedule.

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Quality Professional Development Skills Pathways

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to professional development learning. But how can you find the right ones for you? If you want non-college-credit, self-led learning designed by experienced professionals that can offer job-ready skills to help you pursue your career goals – University of Phoenix is here for you. Our Professional Development Skills Pathways are designed to help you prepare to learn new skills relevant to your unique needs, flexible enough to work around your busy schedule and offered at an affordable price.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality courses we can. By focusing on in-demand jobs and skills, you can be competitive in today’s changing job market. We don’t offer thousands of courses like other programs. Instead, we want to stay focused on the specific needs of the current job market, and help you discover the skills that matter most.

We want to offer everything you need without wasting your time on irrelevant information. That’s why Skills Pathway content and assessments are aligned with real-world skills based on current job market data to help you prepare for industry certification exams as well as new opportunities.

Our Skills Pathways are developed by a team of several experienced professionals. From those working in the field to instructional designers, we assembled a team of knowledgeable individuals to help create a well-rounded learning experience.

We know you are busy, so our Skills Pathways are designed to help you learn on your schedule. Each skill module is focused on one specific skill, so you can move at your own pace through skill building. Assessments at the end of each module can help measure your understanding of the material before moving on.


Professional Development Skills Pathways and badges

Show off your success with digital badges and certificates when you successfully complete all assessments in one of our Professional Development Skills Pathways.

What to expect from our Professional Development Skills Pathways

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    An intuitive learning experience that helps you build skills at your own pace

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    Self-led, non-college-credit Skills Pathways that guide you along the way

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    Real-world example scenarios with knowledge checks to gauge your understanding

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    Automatically graded skills assessments for faster feedback 

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    All required reading materials are included except for the Healthcare Skills Pathways and track

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    Complete ADA compliance for all Skills Pathways