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7 questions to consider when evaluating leadership development training programs

  1. What are the learning objectives and outcomes of the training?
    It is important to understand the goals of the program and what specific outcomes participants are expected to achieve upon completion. 
  1. How is the program structured? Is it offered in-person, online, or a combination of both? Is it a one-time training or a series of courses? Understanding the structure of the program can help you determine if it is feasible for your organization and whether it meets your specific needs. 
  1. What is the source of the training and what is the experience of the organization offering the training? Look for organizations with educational experience and a learning approach that offers training that is engaging, inspiring and can build confidence in your leaders. It’s recommended that you see a demo of the platform for online training solutions to determine if it meets your business needs.  
  1. What is the content of the program? What topics are covered and how is the information presented? Look for programs that cover a range of leadership skills, such as communication, collaboration, decision-making, and conflict resolution. 
  1. How is the training evaluated and measured? It is important to understand how the effectiveness of the training will be measured and what metrics will be used to evaluate its impact on participants and the organization. 
  1. What is the cost of the program? Understanding the cost of the program can help you determine whether it fits within your budget and whether it provides good value for the investment. 
  1. Are there any follow-up resources or support? It can be helpful to know if the program provides any additional resources or support for participants after the training is completed. 

Overall, when considering a leadership development training program, you should consider how the program is structured, what content is covered, who the organization is that created the training, and how the training outcome is evaluated to ensure it provides value to your organization and helps you achieve your leadership development goals.