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Discover a new
career path

If you’re considering a new opportunity in your career journey, our Skills Pathways can help prepare you to take industry certification exams.

Explore new options

Learning new skills could be a major part of exploring new opportunities on your career path. Each University of Phoenix Professional Development non-college-credit Skills Pathway offers skills that can be learned in about 30 hours.

How to know when it's time to change careers

Download a free white paper on how to help your career change go as smoothly as possible.

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What our learners are saying


Irma W.

"This course was very informative. I learned a great deal, and I love the added resources that are available for later use. Learning is continuous and I appreciate the opportunity to learn, share, and grow."


Kendra B.

"I found this course to be very useful with my teaching, and I have a clearer perspective on virtual teaching."


Ronal C.

"Professional development courses equipped me to move confidently in my professional interests. Courses are laid out very well and filled in my knowledge gaps. Now I feel comfortable that I can hold my ground and provide value to those around me."

What makes us different?

See how our approach can help you discover a new career interest.

Check out our news, tips and insights

How to help improve your job skills and grow professionally

How can developing new skills lead to new opportunities?

Why professional development matters

A closer look at the benefits of setting professional development goals.