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Explore how to use generative AI within the workplace

Innovate at scale and empower your team and business with generative AI skills.

Discover employee AI training solutions

  • — Explore —

    the rapidly advancing field of generative AI and how it can be applied to the workplace

  • — Enhance —

    personal productivity and work performance through leveraging generative AI tools

  • — Discover —

    techniques and strategies for utilizing generative AI in complex problem-solving scenarios

  • Integrating generative AI tools in the workplace

    • 86%

      of employees believe they will need training to address how AI will change their jobs*
    • 14%

      of employees have received ANY workplace AI training*
    • 62%

      of leaders are optimistic about utilizing AI in the workplace*

    * Based on a survey by Boston Consulting Group: Just 14% of Frontline Employees Have Received Training to Address How AI Will Change Their Jobs, but 86% of Employees Say They’ll Need It, June 7, 2023, 12,800 respondents

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    Unlock AI’s potential

    Discover how generative AI can revolutionize workplace performance, empowering you to achieve more in less time.


    Get your team up to speed

    Generative AI is changing how we work. Is your workforce prepared to keep up with changes in your industry?


    The basics of generative AI

    Our skill-builder series doesn't just focus on learning – it's about unlocking the true potential of AI to drive innovation and efficiency within your workforce.

    Shape the future of work with four essential AI skills

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    AI Functionality Beyond the Hype

    Employees can better understand the potential impact of generative AI on work performance

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    Opportunities and Challenges of Generative AI

    Explore how to identify the various applications and benefits of generative AI in different industries

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    Problem Solving with Generative AI

    Discover how to recognize the constraints and limitations of generative AI in complex problem-solving scenarios

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    Analyzing Intelligent AI Solutions

    Learn techniques and strategies for leveraging generative AI to enhance personal productivity and work performance

  • Learn more about how our flexible training solutions can help you reach your goals.

    We wanted to enhance our training to improve productivity, quality and retention. University of Phoenix Workforce Solutions and Professional Development teams designed and developed three tailored employee professional development workshops for three different groups of employees. The course designs met our requirements and received overwhelmingly positive reviews from trainees. University of Phoenix helped make [training and recruitment] this year a success.

    Stephen J. Henricks Vice President, Strategic InitiativesCareMetx
    Stephen J. Henricks | Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

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    Learn more about AI in the workplace

    Using AI in the workplace

    How can AI be used ethically and effectively in the workplace?

    4 AI applications at work

    Understand what you can and can’t do with AI.

    WEBINAR: AI for effective training

    Watch a webinar on impactful workplace learning through AI.