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Online business courses

Whether you’re looking to position yourself for new opportunities or exploring management roles within your organization, prepare for the road ahead with online business courses in key areas like accounting, finance, economics, human resources and more.

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Why take online business courses with us?

In business, you need to be quick to adapt to a changing environment. Our courses are 5-6 weeks long, which means you’ll be able to manage work and life while developing the knowledge and skills you need to gain a competitive edge in your field.

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Choose from 150+ business courses

Whether you need to refresh or advance your business skills, or finish up a few more courses to help you graduate, you have a large variety of undergraduate and graduate courses to pick from.

Learn from business leaders

From CEOs and CFOs to directors and managers, our faculty are professionals who bring an average of 15+ years of robust business experience to the classroom.

Get affordable pricing

Our prices are competitive and fixed. And, if this course can help you in the workplace, check to see if your employer will cover you for it.


Consider a degree

If you like the way these online business courses fit into your busy life or help you bring new skills to your job, check with an enrollment representative to see if you can apply them toward one of these ACBSP-accredited degree programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our business courses employ a Learn-Practice-Apply model, which allows you to develop the in-demand skills employers are looking for. You’ll have the opportunity to improve your performance by mastering practice assignments prior to the completion of final, summative course assignments. This helps you focus on higher-level problem-solving and decision-making skills and the added value you can provide to support specific employer needs.  

Yes, several courses from our Human Resource certificate programs align with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)1 exam. However, it is always recommended that after you complete the Human Resources Management courses that you take the time to continue studying for the SHRM exam outside of the classroom. 

1 SHRM® SHRM is a registered trademark of Society for Human Resource Management.

To make sure you’re prepared to take on our master’s courses, you need to complete a bachelor’s degree and meet all the prerequisites required before you enroll.

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Get your course transcript

After you’ve completed your online accounting courses, you can request your official transcripts be sent directly to you or your school of choice.

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