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Criminal Justice Administration Courses

The criminal justice system requires the cooperation of many agencies and organizations in order to operate effectively. Understanding how this complex system works is a crucial component for many professions. If you are interested in pursuing a career within this field, you must obtain industry-specific knowledge and skills.

Our courses are designed to teach you how local, state and federal law enforcement, judicial and correction agencies interact with the criminal justice system. These classes provide a deeper look into key topics such as criminology, victimology and the correction system.

Our criminal justice administration courses offer you:

  • Small class sizes and personal attention from experienced instructors.
  • Interactive simulations for realistic application of academic theory in some courses.
  • Flexible course options that make attendance more convenient.
  • Credits that can be used toward a degree or for professional growth.

Additionally, students receive the support they need to succeed, including academic assistance, career services and helpful online resources. Enroll in a single class, work toward a degree or earn credit to transfer to an outside college. Please note, it is important to check with your educational institution to determine if credits are transferable.

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Associate, bachelor's and master's courses are academic, for-credit courses. Transferability of credit is at the discretion of the receiving institution. It is the student's responsibility to confirm whether or not credits earned at University of Phoenix will be accepted by another institution of the student's choice. Individual courses are not eligible for federal financial aid.

Most certificate programs are credit-bearing, and many are eligible for federal financial aid for students who qualify. Please note that the A+ Fundamentals, CCNA and Network+ Technologies certificate programs are not eligible for federal financial aid. The Application Delivery Networking Certificate Program (noncredit) is not credit bearing and not eligible for financial aid. Students completing the noncredit Application Delivery Networking Certificate Program will receive a letter of completion.

While widely available, not all courses are available in all locations or in both online and on-campus formats. Please check with a University Enrollment Representative. More information about admissions requirements can be found in the Academic Catalog.