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Learn in demand networking and telecommunications skills.

Networking classes for IT professionals

Networking and telecommunications are central to how we do business, from keeping information secure and accessible to connecting people with the data they need. Ensuring that things operate smoothly requires the ongoing effort of IT professionals with specialized skills.

Networking classes can help you gain the skills you need to keep networks up and running. You can begin by exploring foundational concepts in networking and telecommunications and branch out into advanced networking theories and strategies.

Our networking courses look at various best practices as well as theories and methods for utilizing networks in the business environment. You can study LAN technologies, cloud technologies and routing and switching management.

Enhance your skills with telecommunications and networking courses that examine topics like:

  • How to design, build and maintain routing and switching technologies.
  • Common security threats and various threat mitigation options.
  • Cloud concepts, including security, architectural and administrative issues.
  • The fundamentals of network design and analysis.

We also have online networking courses that focus on managerial level knowledge and terminology for telecommunications and computer networks.  Additionally, you can gain more comprehensive knowledge of common security issues, a critical topic for those working in IT.

We help IT professionals like you reach your career goals by making continuing education more convenient and flexible. You can take networking classes online, doing your coursework when it fits into your busy schedule.  Enroll to refresh your skills and stay current, or expand your knowledge into new areas.

Our courses offer you the personal attention you deserve, with small class sizes and the support of dedicated faculty. As a student you’ll also have access to helpful online tools including a range of academic and career resources.

Learn about our networking courses by calling 866.484.1815 or request additional information.

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