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Periodical for research & scholarship

Phoenix Scholar
Vol. 2, Issue 1

This issue probes the concept of mindfulness through the lens of research and its potential in managing personal and professional situations.

Featured articles in this issue

  • Snapshot: SAS Research STATS

  • Mindfulness and the Practice of Research

  • SAS Alum and Distinguished Faculty Demonstrate Connection Between Yoga and Self-Leadership

  • 2018 Faculty Excellence Award: Executing SPEAR

  • An Effective Model for Enhancing Performance of Dispersed Research Teams

  • Case Briefs: From Chaos to Clarity, a Mixed-Methods Research Study Evaluating Student Perceptions of Legal Reading and Writing

  • Dr. Cynthia Jackson, from SAS Doctoral Alum and Practicing Spiritual Mindfulness to Veterans Affairs Expert and Beyond: An Interview with Rodney Luster and Erik Bean

  • Do Then Learn: Career Technical Education and Entrepreneurship

  • Reflections of a First Time Autoethnographer

  • CEITR Research Labs and Teams at 2018 KWB Summit

  • A Pleasant Surprise: Hospitality at the 2018 Virtual KWB Conference

  • Fall 2018 CEITR Achievements

  • Replicating Experiments in Entrepreneurship Research

  • Snapshot Celebrating 2018 CLSER Affiliate Accomplishments and Those Upcoming at TQR 2019