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Periodical for research & scholarship

Phoenix Scholar
Vol. 3, Issue 1

This edition of the Phoenix Scholar helps illuminate the inquiry and issues of working and living in the “new normal" of a world impacted by COVID-19 and how University of Phoenix adapted operations and processes to a sense of immediacy.

Featured articles in this issue

  • The Psychological Shift: Dealing with Rapid Onset of Change and the COVID-19 Response
  • Coronavirus Crisis: Considerations and Recommendations for Moving Traditional Students to Online Learning Modalities at Scale

  • Adapting Back Admissions Practices During COVID-19 Crisis

  • Operationalizing Academic Program Changes in Response to COVID-19

  • Academic and Community Support During COVID-19

  • College of Education’s Pivot

  • Telemental Health Relief and COVID-19: A Counselor’s Thoughts

  • Conducting Social Science Research in the Age of Social Distancing and Work from Home

  • Distance Learning: Lessons Observed from COVID-19

  • How to Apply Adaptive Leadership During COVID-19 Remote Learning: Solving the Debate of Asynchronous and Synchronous Via the Iceberg Model

  • Immediacy in the Online Classroom: A Prudent Requirement Before, During, and After COVID-19

  • Supporting Our Frontline Healthcare Workers: Reflections from a Nurse Educator

  • A Teachable Moment for Counselor Education

  • Pivoting of Higher Education in the COVID-19 Era

  • Pass the Manila Envelope, Turn on the Camera, and Learn During COVID-19

  • Effective Homeschooling Strategies for Students in the Time of COVID-19

  • Scholars Incorporate UOPX College of Doctoral Studies Dissertations for Journal Article Relevant to Hospital Stay and Age

  • Pandemic: Classroom Consequences

  • Using Internet Mediated Technology During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Benefits and Pitfalls

  • Conceptual Model Intersecting Evidence-Based Management in the Age of Post ModernismPersonal Perspective: Michigan State Senator Michael MacDonald on Applying His Doctoral Degree

  • Prudent Leadership Book Series Launched During the COVID-19 Pandemic