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Periodical for research & scholarship

Phoenix Scholar
Vol. 5, Issue 2

This edition of the Phoenix Scholar contains a collection of 20 white papers that were released by the UOPX Career Institute following the initial release of the Career Optimism Index.

Featured articles in this issue

  • Managing the Stress Arc: Using Evidence Based Cognitive Strategies for Training Employees in Industry to Deal with Large Scale Disaster and Rapid Change
  • American Workers’ Reasons for Switching Jobs

  • Belonging: A New Era in Diversity Management Strategy

  • Collaborative and Strategic Planning to Meet the Needs of a Multigenerational Workforce and the Organization

  • Paychecks and the Pandemic: Perceptions by Income Level

  • Career Perception of American Workers and Their Emotional States

  • Rethinking Occupational Stress as It Relates to the Future of Work

  • The COVID-19 Pandemic’s Impact on the Job Market Across U.S. Major Metropolitan Areas: American Workers’ Perceptions

  • Reconnecting with Self and Outside Activities Add to Career Enjoyment, Happiness Levels

  • Women of Color: A Summary of Higher Education and Career Experiences

  • U.S. vs Italy’s Single-Payer Health System

  • Reskilling and Upskilling: Ways to Prepare and Rehire American Workers in the Post-Pandemic Era

  • The Impact of a Phenomenon: Women and Minorities in the Workforce and the Gender Wage Gap

  • Embracing the New Normal: Recruiting and Retaining K-12 Teachers Post-Pandemic

  • Reconnecting with Self and Outside Activities Add to Career Enjoyment, Happiness Levels

  • Online Education and American Workers’ Perceptions

  • Women and Lifelong Employability

  • COVID-19 Effects on Work-Life Balance for Working Parents, Military Workers, and Veterans

  • The Importance of Collaboration Between a City Manager and Chief of Police in Today’s Society

  • Career Perception of American Workers: Career Statuses During the Pandemic

  • Career Pathways: Engineering Your Career to Last Decades

  • Navigating the Workplace During Covid

  • Aligning Employer and Employee Perspectives on Successful and Sustainable Work and Life Balance