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Periodical for research & scholarship

Phoenix Scholar
Vol. 6, Issue 2

Summer 2023 Special Edition: Eye on Assessments

Institutions of higher learning are not just knowledge factories; they are nurturers of critical thinking, creativity, and innovation. But how do we ensure that the education being imparted is effective, relevant, and future-ready? Enter the summer 2023 Phoenix Scholar special edition!

Take a few minutes out of your busy day to enjoy this special summer edition with Special Guest Editor Eve Krahe Billings, Ph.D. EDAC, Dean, Academic Innovation & Evolution, as she and our University of Phoenix stakeholders explore the contemporary ins and outs of collegiate classroom and administration assessments.

Applicable to both secondary and higher education, the changing role of how to best assess are highlighted in several articles that feature best practices and experimental methods. In an era where the global landscape is evolving faster than ever, the role of education in shaping future leaders and thinkers has gained even more prominence and how, where, and when to assess is an important part of the metrics and dialog shared within this issue!  Don’t miss it!

Featured articles in this issue

  • Mindset Matters: Enhancing Grading Practice with a Mindset Check by L. Pipoly
  • Summative or Formative Assessments? - That is the Question by S. N. Maatnefert
  • Design 2.0 Innovative Curriculum Initiative, Part 1: Evaluating Implementation Using the Developmental Evaluation Approach by N. L. Stackhouse
  • Design 2.0 Innovative Curriculum Initiative, Part 2: Findings, Effectiveness, and Recommendations by N. L. Stackhouse
  • Curriculum and Program Assessment and Evaluation by S. Forrest
  • Increasing Learning, Competency, and Employability Through Assessment and Assessment Feedback Practices in Higher Education by J. M. Lang, P. E. Darbyshire, L. A. Hines, & E. Kalemdaroglu-Wheeler
  • Supporting DEI Management Strategies and Practices Through Robust Assessment Efforts by K. Underwood & J. Flores
  • Feedback Strategies and Modalities in Online Higher Education by A. Larson, M. Kebritchi, M. Vianna, & E. Young
  • Knowledge Without Boundaries Research Summit
  • Upcoming Events and Workshops