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Periodical for research & scholarship

Phoenix Scholar

Vol. 6, Issue 3

Winter 2023/2024 Edition: Research SUmmit Abstracts

For 10 years the Knowledge Without Boundaries (KWB) Annual Academic Summit has provided a global platform for scholars to share their innovative best practices, conceptual pieces, and research tied to the academy and industry. In this Special Proceedings Edition, we’ve assembled the peer reviewed presentation abstracts from the 2023 KWB Summit, including the 2023 School of Doctoral Studies Dissertation of the Year winners and a special interview with the KWB Keynote Speaker Dr. Cheryl Lentz. This issue demonstrates the perseverance of many UOPX scholars, who exemplify the summit’s theme: “Thrive in a Brave New World.” A drive that continues to bring us all closer to ideas that add value to our career and make all of our contributions where we live, work, and play a little more meaningful.  

Featured articles in this issue

  • Editorial
  • 2023 Knowledge Without Boundaries Research Summit Proceeding Abstracts
  • An Interview with KWB 2023 Keynote Speaker Dr. Cheryl Lentz, an Engaging, Dynamic, and Unique Entrepreneur
  • Full Article from KWB 2023 Presenters: Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle and Higher Education Entrance Exams Post COVID • E.Kalemdaroglu-Wheeler & M. Hill
  • Upcoming Events and Workshops