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Making time for school

With other commitments like work, life and family vying for your time, you might find it hard to fit school into your busy schedule. The reality, however, is that it’s far from impossible. In fact, if you take a fresh look at your routine, you might discover that there’s room after all. To aid you in staying organized, you can access a calendar through your student email. Click on the mail icon, then select “Calendar” at the top of the screen.

“Later” is not a time of day

In University of Phoenix coursework, procrastination is not an option — especially when your Learning Team is counting on you to complete your portion of the week’s assignment. If you constantly put off an important task or have trouble meeting deadlines, consider the following tips:

  • Recognize that you’re a procrastinator. It will help you create new, more productive behaviors.
  • Focus on assignments that have deadlines versus everyday chores that often don’t. If you have a paper due, those dirty dishes can wait.
  • Identify the true cause of your procrastination. Is it essay anxiety? Trouble focusing? Self-awareness is a powerful tool.
  • Rank your tasks. Do the most important things earlier in the day when you have more energy.
  • Ask for help. Get motivation from friends, family and classmates.

The TOPICS strategy

Here’s a simple way to take stock of your responsibilities and free up your time:

Transfer your least important burdens to someone else whenever possible.

  • It’s OK to let another family member do the cooking or grocery shopping.
  • Ask someone else to pick up the kids from school.

Organize any tasks you must complete daily to be successful.

  • If you have to take kids to school in the morning, for example, document that every day.
  • Note any time you spend exercising, as well.

Prioritize your responsibilities and set goals for yourself.

  • Create daily, weekly and monthly to-do lists, and maintain a separate list of long-term goals (like completing school).
  • List tasks in a logical sequence.

Invest less money on any activity you enjoy doing.

  • Make your coffee at home every morning.
  • Instead of going out to a movie, rent one.

Contribute your time to the most important people in your life.

  • Play a board game with your family.
  • When the weather’s nice, consider going for a walk or hike.

Streamline your most important obligations.

  • Spend your time at work wisely.
  • Complete your chores as quickly as possible.

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