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Scholarships and financial aid

We encourage you to find and apply for non-federally funded opportunities, including scholarships, grants and employer tuition assistance.

By applying for and receiving scholarship aid, you will not only reduce your dependence on federal student loans, but also reduce the cost of your education (because scholarships do not need to be repaid).

How scholarships affect your financial aid

  • Title IV funding
    • Federal Pell Grant
    • Federal Direct Student Loan
    • Direct PLUS Loan
  • State grants
  • Employer tuition assistance
  • Military benefits
  • Tribal benefits
  • Private loans

You can learn more about the above options by visiting the federal financial aid plan webpage.

Federal regulations require University of Phoenix to monitor student financial aid packages to make sure students remain within their financial need-based eligibility. University of Phoenix will automatically update a student’s file for funding received directly by the University. However, it’s the student’s responsibility to inform University of Phoenix about any educational funding he or she directly receives. To report such funding, contact Financial Services.

When a student receives a scholarship, it may result in the reduction or repayment of need-based financial assistance (student loans or grants) previously awarded to the student by University of Phoenix. When revising your financial aid, we will reduce loans first.

To learn more about financial aid and other funding options, visit our Financial Options site.

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