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Go further with your education

Now’s your chance to make a bigger impact on your career. Come back to continue your education with us, and we’ll help you achieve your education goals. Here’s how:

Save more when you return

As an alum, you have access to exclusive tuition rates on another degree, and you may be eligible to save even more with The Alumni Scholarship.


Savings on a bachelor's degree


Savings on a master's degree


Scholarship toward your degree


We make it easy to come back

Our experienced enrollment representatives are ready to answer your questions and help you through the application process again. Simply call (844) 937-8679 to speak to an enrollment representative.

Set your goals

Select your degree, course or certificate.

Begin your online application

Complete your application on your own or with the help of an enrollment representative.

Create payment plan

Pick the plan that works best for you and your budget.

Start school

Register for class and get ready for the first day of school. 

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Select your progam today

Academic programs

Explore 100+ online programs aligned to 300+ careers.

Competency-based education (CBE) degrees

Earn your degree in under a year, for less than $11k.

Skills mapping on select programs

Consider a program mapped to career-relevant skills.

Dianna E., class of 2021

My determination to complete this journey and being told on occasions by naysayers that I wouldn’t make it gave me that big push to keep going.

Dianna E. '21

AAHA, 2007; BSHA, 2009; MHA, 2011; DHA, 2021

Frequently asked questions

As one of our valued alumni, you can take advantage of a comprehensive package of benefits, which includes an exclusive alumni offer to save on another degree, networking opportunities, Career Services for Life®  commitment and more.

You’ll also have access to 900+ discounts and can even earn cash back at various companies and online retailers. Visit the Benefits and Discounts page on the alumni website to learn more or start shopping with retailers on University Marketplace.

We offer a range of individual, non-credit professional development and test-preparation courses, as well as certificate programs.

Learn about continuing education

You have a team of advisors dedicated to helping you build a personalized career plan you can stick with. While outside career advising can cost over $200 an hour, at University of Phoenix, it’s built right into your degree at no added cost, for life.

Explore career resources

University of Phoenix has a special offer for alumni who want to return and take professional development courses. As an alum, you’ll receive 50% off all online professional development courses. In as little as 30 hours, you can gain foundational knowledge in high-growth fields.

Save with code UOPXALUMNI.

Get started today

A University of Phoenix enrollment representative

Speak to an enrollment representative to explore all your options

More helpful resources for alumni

Alumni benefits

Browse alumni membership perks.

Career Services for Life®

Receive personalized career support.

Alternative credit providers

Explore other ways to earn credit.