PLA fee policies and credit information

The first-time, non-refundable submission fee of $150 is due when the application is submitted. You will only be charged this fee with your first application.

The fee per credit is $75, and you will be invoiced when the credit is applied to your transcript. The invoice balance is due within 30 days of the credit being applied to your account. You cannot use student financial aid to pay for PLA credits.

Type of Fee Amount
Submission Fee $150
Per Assessed Credit Fee (all types of submissions) $75

As of July 11th, all PLA fees are subject to sales tax assessment based on state law where the submitting student resides. Going forward, any student living in a state that charges sales tax will have his or her PLA invoice taxed accordingly.

Credit reserve

If you’re awarded credits that you don’t need right away, you can request that they be placed in reserve status for future use. This request must be submitted in writing before our PLA evaluation is completed. To do this, send an email to with your full name and IRN, requesting that the surplus credits be placed in reserve.

To request the release of your reserved credits, email Include your full name, IRN and our acknowledgement of the fees associated with applying the credits to your program of study.
You will not be invoiced for credits that are awarded but not applied to your account.

Credit challenge

If you disagree with your professional portfolio or experiential essay results, you may still be eligible to receive credits through the credit challenge process. To be eligible, you must have complied with your evaluator’s request to provide complete information about your professional experience during the initial evaluation process. And, if you’ve submitted an experiential essay and not received the credit that you expected, you must have rewritten your essay and resubmitted it for a second evaluation before you proceed to a credit challenge.

To issue a credit challenge you must follow these steps:

  1. Submit an email to stating the rationale for your credit challenge. Your email must be received within six weeks of having your portfolio reviewed.
  2. To support your claim, you must provide additional documentation than what you originally submitted. If you’re unsure what type of documentation will improve your chances of receiving credits, send an email to prior to submitting your challenge.
  3. You can only submit one credit challenge for each submission/evaluation completed.
  4. All disputed petitioned items must be submitted at one time.
  5. Credit challenges must be submitted within 40 days (6 weeks) after your PLA evaluation was completed.

What happens next?

Once you’ve submitted your email and supporting documents, you’ll receive an email notifying you if your credit challenge was approved. If approved, your file will be reviewed by the PLA supervisor. Please note: The challenge may result in fewer, the same, or more credits being awarded. After the credit challenge has been reviewed and a final decision is made by the PLA Supervisor, it cannot be disputed further.

If you have any questions about the credit challenge process, please email

Fast facts about PLA fees and credits:

  • Once posted, PLA credits cannot be removed.
  • Credits awarded but not applied to your student record will not be invoiced. For instance, your review may have resulted in six credits awarded, but you only need four credits. You will only be invoiced for the four credits that applied to your program.
  • To request a specific credit value for your submission, please contact when your application is submitted. Include your full name, IRN and the maximum number of credits that you’re requesting in the email. Payment is due within 30 days of credits being awarded. Outstanding balances on a student account will be sent to collections.

Need more information? Please contact us at 866.440.4707, or email

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