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Learn from our students and alumni who pursued their educational goals at University of Phoenix while balancing school, work and life.

Does University of Phoenix still exist? 

University of Phoenix campus building

By University of Phoenix

As an accredited university with a footprint in multiple states, University of Phoenix has served hundreds of thousands of students. However, the University is now pivoting toward a nearly 100 percent remote model.

Based on student behavior, the University opted to go all in on remote learning, which will make it easier than ever before for nontraditional students to pursue higher education in a convenient online format.

While University of Phoenix is teaching out its physical campuses as part of this change, the University itself isn’t shutting down. In fact, it has big plans for the future as it embraces the natural evolution of remote learning. 

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Does University of Phoenix still exist?

Yes, University of Phoenix still exists.

University of Phoenix is not closing nor has it closed. Instead, University of Phoenix is closing its physical campuses through a teach-out program. This will allow all students currently enrolled at physical campuses to finish their studies as expected. In the meantime, University of Phoenix will not be enrolling additional students at these physical campuses. By 2024, the University expects nearly all of its students to be remote.

University of Phoenix is alive and active. Although student preferences drove the university to a mostly online modality and led the institution to teach out most of its remaining physical campuses, the University continues to serve thousands of students each year. It’s very much a thriving university that’s well known for its regional accreditation, experienced faculty and student resources.

Embracing a remote model based on student feedback

Traditional four-year colleges used to be the norm, but many Americans consider this path too inflexible. Options like University of Phoenix have helped generations of nontraditional learners pursue legitimate degrees while gaining relevant industry skills that can better prepare them for the workforce.

For over 45 years, University of Phoenix has proven to be a legitimate and respected university. It follows a model based on the needs of adult and nontraditional learners. While the blend of flexible start dates and online learning is unusual, it means University of Phoenix can support a broader range of students.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many universities were forced to embrace online learning, but University of Phoenix was already prepared. After seeing the seamless shift toward online learning, this format clearly became the best way to continue serving learners moving forward.

Since 97 percent of students choose online courses, University of Phoenix decided to finalize the pivot to remote learning. Since the University largely serves students aged 35 and older, online coursework makes it easier to balance the responsibilities of caring for family or working a full-time job.

University of Phoenix will close all physical campuses by 2024, although it will maintain a portion of its Phoenix-based headquarters for in-person residencies and doctoral practicums. 

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University of Phoenix Is a Respected and Accredited University

Although University of Phoenix is known for its flexibility and online-first approach to higher education, it’s still a respected university that creates relevant, academically-rigorous degree programs for its students.

University of Phoenix has over 100 degree programs aligned to over 300 occupations. Its academically rigorous degree programs map real-world needs to ensure students learn the necessary skills needed when they enter the workforce.

In fact, University of Phoenix has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission ( and its predecessor since 1978. For more information about University of Phoenix accreditations and licenses, please visit:

The HLC is an independent nonprofit responsible for accrediting universities across 19 states. The HLC recognized University of Phoenix’s strength in terms of:

  • Staffing
  • Student resources and experience
  • Governance and operations
  • Academic rigor
  • Financial performance

Accreditation is the golden seal of approval demonstrating University of Phoenix is a high-quality university.

University faculty are industry leaders

University of Phoenix’s faculty are experienced as both instructors and professionals in their fields. On average, University of Phoenix instructors have 14 years of teaching experience and more than 26 years of professional experience. Many faculty have also served in leadership roles in their industries.

University of Phoenix thrives because of the expertise and care of its instructors. The University understands the value of theory, but it seeks out instructors with real-world experience to make its degree programs as relevant as possible to the job market. Thanks to its 37:1 student-to-faculty ratio, University of Phoenix students also get more opportunities to interact and engage with their instructors. 

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University of Phoenix offers quality services to remote students

Going forward, University of Phoenix will be a primarily online school that provides many resources for students across the country. This offers foundational support for students, no matter where they are located.

University of Phoenix offers helpful resources to remote students including:

  • Tutoring: Students have access to math and writing tutors if they need additional help outside the classroom.
  • Technical services: Students have access to tech support if they experience any issues with connectivity or their devices. Support is available 20 hours a day, five days a week via chat, phone call or email.
  • Career Services for Life® commitment This includes resources for career exploration, coaching and resume building. Students and graduates can prepare for interviews, learn how to negotiate salary and access information on mentorships to boost their skills.

University of Phoenix is here to stay

University of Phoenix understands the needs of nontraditional and adult learners. Its reputation for flexibility allows nontraditional learners to seek a degree program or certificate on their own schedule and terms.

The innovative approach has paid off. Today, University of Phoenix has well over one million alumni. The University is still open and plans on continuing its 45-year history of innovation for many decades to come. Its new, flexible remote setup shows that the University is able to remold itself as student expectations and needs change. University of Phoenix’s pivot to online learning will strengthen the University and better equip it to serve the needs of learners across the U.S.

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