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With customized degrees and credit for experience, earn a business degree that takes your career in a new direction.


Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, looking to climb the corporate ladder or break into accounting, marketing or another area, a business degree can take you in many directions.

Our online business degree programs are designed to help you earn your degree on pace with your busy schedule. You take one course at a time, helping you absorb the material, in the place most convenient for you. You’ll also have the benefit of tailoring your degree to fit your needs, transfer prior college credits and have relevant work experience evaluated for potential credit.

Whether you choose to earn your business degree online or on campus, know the program you’ll be taking is reviewed by an advisory council made up of CEOs, chief financial officers, vice presidents and directors that review and validate our curriculum. You’ll receive a relevant, practical education that can be applied at work and feel confident you’re learning valuable material. Our Bachelor of Science in Business, Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Accounting programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Career opportunities aligned with the business field continue to grow within the job market and a general foundation in business can lead to new options for you to enhance your career. Whether you choose to earn your business degree online or in the classroom, taking the extra step and earning a degree is something employers value.

Earn a degree in our School of Business because:

Relevant curricula
The on-campus and online business degree programs curricula is designed to bridge the gap between theory and practical application. You’ll develop critical thinking and decision-making skills throughout the program. Programs are designed with input from industry advisory council, which is a platform for receiving information and advice from senior industry leaders in tune with today’s competitive job market.
Career preparation
A general business foundation can educationally prepare you to pursue a wide variety of opportunities in the business field.
Transfer credits
You’ll have opportunities to receive credit for your prior academic and professional experience, potentially shortening your time to completion and saving you money.



Associate of Arts with a Concentration in Business Fundamentals:

Graduates can likely expect to get an individual contributor job at an organization after earning this business degree online. This program is entry level and best for someone who has no business experience and needs basic knowledge of business fundamental principles. You’ll explore fundamental business principles including:

  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Globalization





Bachelor of Science in Business:

You'll gain knowledge in accounting, marketing and information systems while applying business theory to the working world in this on-campus and online business degree program. You’ll learn how to effectively plan, organize, direct and control the functions and processes of a firm or organization. Students who graduate from this program often work in sales, marketing, finance, management and other business areas. Additionally, you’ll gain instruction in:

  • Management theory
  • Human resources management and behavior
  • Accounting and other quantitative methods
  • Purchasing and logistics
  • Organization and production
  • Marketing
  • Business decision-making



Bachelor of Science in Business with Associate of Arts Concentration in Business Fundamentals:

In this online program, you’ll gain knowledge in the world of business on the path to your bachelor's degree. After you've reached the associate degree benchmark, you'll continue working toward your bachelor's degree enrolling in more advanced classes. This program allows you to complete one degree and include it on your résumé and then begin and complete your bachelor’s degree. You’ll learn:

  • Management theory
  • Human resources management and behavior
  • Accounting and other quantitative methods
  • Purchasing and logistics
  • Organization and production
  • Marketing
  • Business decision-making



Bachelor of Science in Accounting with an Associates of Arts with a concentration in Business Fundamentals:

You’ll have the opportunity to earn your associates degree and add it to your résumé before earning your bachelor degree in this online business degree program. You’ll study core business concepts such as marketing, management, leadership and finance in the business fundamentals portion of this programs. In the accounting portion of the program, you’ll learn:

  • Accounting principles and theory
  • Financial accounting
  • Managerial accounting
  • Cost accounting
  • Budget control
  • Tax accounting
  • Legal aspects of accounting
  • Auditing
  • Reporting procedures
  • Statement analysis
  • Professional standards and ethics


Which area of business is best for you?

Pick an area of interest to study and explore options in a variety of fields:

Practical application

All of our business courses are taught by industry professionals who provide you with the tools to solve real-world problems. The curriculum in our business degree programs is designed to convert theory to practical application.

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