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A business management degree can provide you with the tools needed to enhance your career

Take a bold step and earn your business management degree — one 5- or-6 week course at a time. You can be part of the team standing at the core of every organization — learning skills like business development, product creation and effective leadership. Choosing to earn your management degree online will help you understand how companies build successful strategies — while learning in an environment that allows you to focus.

An industry advisory council made up of industry professionals ensure that our faculty teach relevant, practical lessons that you will apply in the workforce in the management degree program. This group of experienced faculty regularly reviews the curricula putting an emphasis on the development of management roles, aligning resources, and improving communication, productivity and effectiveness.  

If you’re ready to earn an on-campus or online management degree, you may be able to transfer previously earned college credits and have relevant experience evaluated for potential credit. In some programs, you can select en-route certificate options or choose electives to fulfill your specific needs. Industry professionals teach management degree programs and use that opportunity to incorporate real-world problem solving into the classroom.



Check out our business management degree programs:




Bachelor of Science in Management:

Coursework in this on-campus and online management degree program shows you the tools you may need to enhance your knowledge and apply it your organization. You can earn up to 90 credits based on your previous experience in business or prior college credit.

You’ll cover theories on effective leadership and management and will learn resource alignment and effective productivity practices.

Thinking of an MBA as well? Through our MBA Bridge program, you can save time and money by taking three graduate-level courses in your BSM program and applying them to your MBA. You could earn both degrees in just over five years.




Bachelor of Science in Business:

This online and on-campus program, accredited by the Accreditation Council of Business Schools & Programs (ACBSP), features coursework designed to bridge the gap between theory and practical application.

You’ll learn critical-thinking and decision-making skills and can tailor your degree to your interests (at no additional cost) by adding one of our 12 certificate programs.

Thinking of an MBA down the road? Our MBA Bridge program lets you take three graduate-level courses in your BSB program, saving you time and money. You could earn both degrees in just over five years.




Bachelor of Science in Business with General Management Certificate:

Earn your management degree online or on campus in this business program with a management certificate. The certificate program helps you take more applicable courses early, allowing you to use the skills learn before you graduate. It’s accredited by the ACBSP. You learn:

  • Essential leadership skills
  • Analytical decision-making



Bachelor of Science in Management with an Operations Management Certificate:

You’ll take core certificate courses in the beginning of this management degree program, granting you the skills to use in the workforce while you’re still earning your degree.  Earn your management degree online in this program that emphasizes a strategic approach to:

  • Business planning
  • Global sourcing and procurement
  • Production




Bachelor of Science in Management with a Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship Certificate:

If you’re looking to open your own company as the United States sees a resurgence in small businesses, this program can help. In this management degree program you’ll cover coursework that includes advanced concepts in small business development, communications and management theory gaining the small business training you need to be an effective leader. The certificate program gives you the option to take imperative classes early in the business management degree program and to apply the skills you learn even before you graduate. These skills could translate to starting and running your own small business. You’ll focus on:

  • Advanced concepts in small business development
  • Communications and management theory





Master of Management:

This stand-alone degree may be a great option. Accredited through the ACBSP, the curricula in this campus and online management degree program incorporates relevant software use giving you valuable experience you can use after graduation. You’ll oversee a project from beginning to end from the first day of class to the last day before graduation, providing you with the business foundation and leadership strategy needed to run a company. You’ll focus on:

  • Long-term planning
  • Cross-functionally within an organization




Master of Business Administration:

This program is accredited through the ACBSP and provides a business foundation for any student looking to progress in leadership within a particular industry. You’ll learn to set and obtain advanced organizational goals by:

  • Integrating business concepts and principles
  • Create strategies for business growth



Why Phoenix?

Part of the School of Business, our management programs are designed to help you reach your educational goals. Your coursework will be industry-aligned giving you the tools you need to manage an organization. Upon graduation, you’ll become part of our network of nearly one million UoPX alumni and students.

One Course at a Time
You’ll get to take just one five or six-week course at a time when earning your degree.
Transfer Credits
Save time and money by transferring eligible credits and have relevant work experience evaluated for potential credit.
University of Phoenix is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (

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Take the bold step and work toward becoming a pivotal part of your organization — earn your management degree.

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While widely available, not all programs are available in all locations or in both online and on-campus formats. Please check with a University Enrollment Representative.