How it Works

With online degree programs at University of Phoenix, you’ll always have a front row seat in class, and access to an American education from anywhere in the world. You go to class and interact with your classmates and instructors, completely online.

A global education for a global world

From Toronto to Tokyo, you will discover you have joined a highly professional, multi-national learning environment where people of all ages and backgrounds share common interests and goals. You’ll be challenged to quickly assimilate new ideas, evaluate complex data, think creatively and communicate effectively.

Putting technology to work for you

At University of Phoenix, you take one course at a time, two courses for associate’s degree programs, allowing you to focus on each subject. With Internet access, you can go to class, interact with instructors and retrieve lectures and assignments entirely online. Because the information is all in text form, you’ll never miss an important point.

With your personalized student website you can:

  • Check email
  • Access student services  
  • Complete coursework through electronic forums  
  • Participate with your classes when and where you choose   
  • Work closely with classmates on a learning team
  • Communicate online with classmates and instructors 
  • Register for classes, pay tuition, order books and get grades

At the click of a mouse, you can view your textbooks and check out research materials in our online University library. If you need help finding information, our team of librarians and research specialists are ready to assist you. 

You can also get help online with your math classes through our Center for Mathematics Excellence or help with your English classes through our Center for Writing Excellence, where you can also have your essays reviewed.

Learn from your classmates

Learning in small, highly interactive classes with personalized attention will make your experience rich and memorable. A central part of our learning environment has been devised to replicate a corporate “work-like” setting, with a major focus on collaborative work. 

You will work on a learning team alongside other students with rich and varied backgrounds, many of whom are working professionals. You'll interact with them throughout your course—sharing ideas, debating issues and learning from their experiences. 

Your learning team will likely include three or more students. You’ll work together to complete essays, presentations and more. By relying on others and having others rely on you, you’ll grow your collaborative skills.

Student support

We provide graduation team support comprised of representatives who support you from the day you enroll to the day you graduate. Your representatives are committed to your success and will periodically check in with you during your first class—and throughout your academic journey.  

Your admissions representative will walk you through the entire application process and answer all your questions about programs, forms, fees and everything you need to do before you begin. 

A finance advisor will explain all the financial options available—including grants, scholarships, loans, payment plans and other services you might not even know about.

Your academic advisor will map out your program path and determine your estimated graduation date.

The enrollment process

With our year-round schedule, you can enroll throughout the year. The first step is to send in your request for information. Once you’ve sent in your request, we’ll call you to verify the information you’ve provided. We’ll connect you with an admissions representative who’ll want to learn a little bit more about your goals, your learning style and your lifestyle.