International Admissions

Exceptional student service is a cornerstone of University of Phoenix. We provide you with personalized support during the admissions process. This includes evaluating international transcripts, offering English language proficiency exams and reviewing coursework earned outside the United States. Throughout your program you will also receive this level of personal guidance from international admissions, academic and finance representatives who collectively speak close to 30 languages and are versed in your local and regional educational systems.

We’re here to help you get a global education

When you talk to an international admissions representative at University of Phoenix, you’re working with someone who understands your country’s educational system, speaks your language and works in your time zone. Our international admissions representatives are trained to meet your needs, no matter where you live, or where you earned your high school diploma or undergraduate degree. They know the obstacles you face and can help you overcome them as you start your education.

Our student services personnel specialize in offering support on the phone and over the Internet. So, no matter where you are, they will guide you through the evaluation process to ensure that we consider and apply all of your past university-level course work that we can to the degree you want to pursue.

We take the admissions process very seriously, whether we’re evaluating previous coursework earned—both inside and outside of the United States—or validating your English proficiency.

But we’re also here to help you. Think of your admissions representative as your go-to person, whether you have questions about evaluating transcripts, meeting the English proficiency requirement or returning to school.

Individuals who reside in certain countries will not be enrolled or admitted unless they are a U.S. citizen or are affiliated with the U.S. Military.

All academic records from international colleges and countries outside the United States are evaluated by the evaluation service provided by University of Phoenix. The evaluation services follow standards approved by the National Council on the Evaluation of Foreign Credentials.

If the academic records are in another language, a certified English translation is required. We accept translations from:

  • Issuing institution—the school itself provides an official translation which is "validated" by the Registrar or other school official.
  • Certified translator from an official translation service or a professional organization which provides certified translations as one of its services. Such a service will employ only certified translators who have successfully passed required examinations and are governed by specific rules/regulations.
  • Foreign language professor from a regionally accredited institution.
  • Embassy or consulate official.
  • University of Phoenix provides Spanish and French translation.

Applicants who have completed high school in a country where English is not the official language can meet the English proficiency admission requirement by passing one of the following examinations within two years prior to enrolling at University of Phoenix:


  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL® exam):
    Passing score = 213 (all programs)
    Passing score = 79 (Internet-based Test-IbT)

  • Test of English as an International Communication (TOEIC® exam)
    Passing score = 750 (all programs)

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS® exam)
    Passing score = 6.5 (all programs)

  • Berlitz Online Test of Reading and Listening Skills - English
    Passing score of 75 (all programs)
  • Cambridge Assessment English (exempt from the requirement of being completed within previous two years)
    Passing Score = 170  (all programs)
  • Pearson Test of English Academic
    Passing score of 59 (all programs)



An Exception to English proficiency requirements may be granted in the following cases:


  • You successfully completed the equivalent of 30 transferable, academic semester credits at a recognized college or university in a country in which English is the official language.
  • You successfully completed the equivalent of 30 transferable, academic semester credits at a recognized institution where English is the sole medium of instruction. This can be verified by a CRS  in Office of Admissions and Records through the International Handbook of Universities or on official letterhead sent directly from the institution to the campus. 
  • You successfully completed 30 transferable, academic semester credits at an approved, institutionally accredited college or university in the United States. 



We can also help students living in the United States with previous coursework earned outside the United States.

In order for admission and transfer credit evaluation applicants who reside in the United States must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Be a legal resident of the United States.
  • Have been granted permanent residency.
  • Have a valid visa that does not prohibit educational studies.
  • Have been granted temporary protected status along with approved Notice of Action issued by Citizen Immigration Services and verified through CIS Form G-845.
  • Have been granted asylum along with the approved Notice of Action issued by Citizen Immigration Services.

A valid, acceptable visa or resident alien status is required if an applicant lives and/or works in the United States and is not a U.S. citizen. For more information concerning VISA types that are acceptable to allow studies at University of Phoenix, contact an international admissions representative today.

  • A valid, acceptable visa will allow an applicant to both hold legal employment and attend school in the United States.
  • The visa type, date of issue and country of citizenship must be listed on the admission application. Please verify that the visa is current—expired visas cannot be accepted.
  • Legible copies of visas are acceptable documentation.

Applicants who are permanent residents of the United States are eligible for federal financial aid. Please contact your admissions representative for more information.

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