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Earn your environmental science degree and face environmental challenges head-on

Start earning your environmental science degree so your passion for the environment can truly get grounded in education and experience.

Our online environmental science degree program introduces you to the fundamentals of the physical and life sciences, allowing you to examine and better understand the many environmental issues our world faces. Dive deeper into the impact that human activities have on natural systems and understand how our national, state, and local governments play a significant role in the process. You’ll sharpen your critical-thinking and analytical abilities – and expand your information utilization skills as you evaluate scientific reasoning and apply research methods.

You’re interested in the highly-charged environmental issues surrounding water, energy, conservation and pollution in today’s society. Earn your environmental science degree online – and learn the skills employers seek so you can make an impact in your career. Whether you’re looking to use scientific research to help governments and businesses – or you’re interested in teaching others after earning your environmental science degree online, you’ll be equipped to pursue or enhance your career in a wide array of roles. This degree program can prepare you for a career as an Environmental Analyst, Environmental Health and Safety Specialist, Environmental Programs Specialist, Environmental Protection Specialist and Environmental Scientist – among others.



Discover our environmental science degree program – and gain the practical knowledge to make a difference, one course at a time.




Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science:

The online environmental science degree program focuses on contemporary issues such as global change, environmental health, water and energy. The curriculum, taught by faculty averaging 20 years of industry experience, is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between scientific principles and the environment. Some of the topics included in this program are:

  • biological and ecological fundamentals
  • environments and society
  • environmental management and law
  • global health
  • risk assessment
  • ethics
  • technology 


Why Phoenix?

The College of Humanities and Sciences builds curricula that is focused on industry standards and real world experiences. Our programs utilize innovative simulation activities to enhance your writing and other important skills. All of our programs, including our environmental science degree program, will challenge you to push yourself and really expand your knowledge base by developing and enhancing your critical thinking skills and communication skills.

Although you’ll earn your environmental science degree online, you’ll have access to the same valuable resources that students attending on-campus make use of. Our online learning system allows you to collaborate with your classmates and instructors anytime, anywhere – and provides you with a virtual platform to engage and interact.

Make it your own
Tailor your degree by taking electives outside of the environmental science program. Round out your skillset – and set yourself apart from your competition in the workplace.
Relevant aligned coursework
By earning your environmental science degree online, you can learn from a curriculum that’s aligned to the STEM fields – and taught by experienced professionals.
Get a head start
Transfer credits or have your past work experience evaluated for potential credit toward your program – and possibly graduate sooner.

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You’re ready to follow your passion. Make an impact in the environment and gain the skills you need to stand out. Together, we rise.

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