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College of Doctoral Studies

CDS Central 

What is CDS Central?

It is in the name! CDS Central is the portal through which the College of Doctoral Studies provides its collection of resources to students concerning academic pathways, dissertation requirements, and general program guidance -- in one central location. Here you will find landing pages devoted to the dissertation, resource and support videos, and links to important doctoral community sites overseen by the college.

Who is it for?

If you are here, it is for you. This portal is designed for anyone in the College of Doctoral Studies academic community. While created with the primary intent of providing a one-stop platform for doctoral students to have immediate, comprehensive access to information related to the dissertation and academic journey, CDS Central is also used as a resource for faculty and alumni to view current program materials and requirements. Potential students may find the portal useful to understand the resources, support, and culture of this vibrant community of scholars. 

What resources are included here?

The critical objective of the doctoral journey is the successful completion of a primary research dissertation; many of the support items found in CDS Central will have an explicit focus on advancing your research. A dissertation handbook, library resources, and academic writing guides are some of the dissertation-related resources CDS community members will have access to. Resources are live documents and are frequently updated, so students can be sure the information they are viewing is up to date.

CDS Central also provides program faculty information and a format to contact the college (login required) directly with questions.  We link-out to community-focused sites run by the college; some of the more meaningful academic communities you will find are Research Center Enterprise, which is devoted to continued scholarship networking, the CDS Facebook group, and the  CDS LinkedIn group for when you need to feel connected to your peers.

CDS Central Introduction Videos

There are videos throughout the site that provide an overview of the College of Doctoral Studies, our mission, and many of the student resources that we provide.   To view the videos contained throughout CDS Central click on the red arrow.  Those videos are:

  • About our Faculty
  • CDS Alumni Mentor Program
  • Dissertation Committee Roles and Responsibilities
  • Dissertation Milestones
  • Dissertation Resources and Support
  • Doctoral Demeanor
  • Doctoral Writing Resources
  • How to Embrace Feedback During the Creation of Your Dissertation
  • How to Embrace Feedback During the Creation of Your Dissertation
  • How to Ensure Consistent Progression Throughout Your Doctoral Journey
  • Post Master's Certificates
  • Research Enterprise
  • SPL Model
  • UOPX Career Services
  • UOPX Library

Alumni Testimonials

Dr. LaFontaine receives her doctoral degree at commencement

"The resources available to me during my doctoral journey at the University of Phoenix have been invaluable. From the unwavering support of the college to the guidance and expertise of my dedicated faculty, dissertation chair, and committee members, I have felt empowered every step of the way. Their commitment to my success has been instrumental in shaping my research and academic growth. My experience at the University of Phoenix has been nothing short of extraordinary, marking a significant milestone in my educational journey."

– Dr. April L. LaFontaine, Doctor of Health Administration, 2024

Dr. Wilson receives her doctoral degree

“During my Doctoral Journey, my faculty, dissertation Chair and committee were there to give me the best guidance toward completing my Doctoral Journey.  They are the best. They advised me to utilize CDS Central where there is a host of student resources to use for guidance. You can never go wrong if you use all your student resources, listen, and ask questions. You got this”.

– Dr. Brenda Yvonne Wilson, Doctor of Management, 2024

Dr. Wilson receives her doctoral degree