Dr. Geoff Roach is no stranger to good music, and is sharing his love of jazz music with the Bay Area as CEO and Executive Director of the San Jose Jazz Festival. Growing up in New Orleans, Geoff was exposed to good food, great music, and "letting the good times roll" with the lively Cajun culture so fluently exhibited in Southern Louisiana. Now a resident of Foster City, Roach is bringing Southern Louisiana's distinguished musical heritage to the Bay Area this weekend on August 7-9 in San Jose.

"This festival is becoming one of the most prestigious jazz events in the country, and nothing brings more joy to me than seeing this musical extravaganza come to life right here in the Bay Area," said Roach. "Participants at this year's festival will find delicious food, good fun with family and friends, and a breathtaking display of jazz music that they will never forget."

Roach's path to the Jazz Festival has not been a direct one, but has included many distinguishing academic and professional achievements. Previous to joining San Jose Jazz in October 2005, Roach spent 30 years as an entrepreneur in the technology industry, serving in management positions with Cullinet, DEC, Informix, and Pure Software. Among his academic achievements, Roach holds a BS from University of Louisiana, an MS from Clemson University, an MBA from the University of Missouri, and is a graduate of the Stanford Business School Executive Program. In December 2008, Roach completed his Doctorate of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, writing a doctoral dissertation on angel investing and associated returns. His dissertation is the fourth dissertation in the world to focus on this topic. He credits the "real life" education he received from the University of Phoenix to helping him achieve his professional goals.

On the side, Roach is, of course, a jazz musician. He plays woodwinds in the critically acclaimed octet, Octobop, and has performed with several notable musicians including Mel Torme, Nelson Riddle, Tom Jones, and Bob Hope. In 2007, Octobop's fourth released CD reach #4 on the national jazz charts.

This year marks the 20th year for the San Jose Jazz Festival, and Geoff Roach is looking forward to making 20 more years of outstanding musical memories for the Bay Area.

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Clay Merrill