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University of Phoenix College of Doctoral Studies issues white paper on importance of perceived career control in career outcomes

By Sharla Hooper

Author Dr. Erik Bean explores how higher perceptions and career control inform individual career development

University of Phoenix College of Doctoral Studies announces the release of a whitepaper by Erik Bean, Ed.D., associate research chair with the Center for Leadership Studies and Organizational Research (CLSOR) explores the relationship between higher perceptions and career control in determining career outcomes, titled “Higher Perceptions and the Psychological Importance of Career Control in Determining Career Outcomes.”

The University of Phoenix Career Institute® 2023 Career Optimism Index® study found that while 80% of Americans remain hopeful about the future of their careers, their hope is grounded in their own sense of personal efficacy.

Bean’s white paper defines career control as an individual's ability to manage and direct their career development and explores the relationship between higher perceptions and career control in determining career outcomes as well as the psychological importance of career control in achieving career success.

“Career control satisfies the autonomy and competence needs of individuals and, in turn, leads to greater job satisfaction and career success,” Bean states. “Staying active and building skills outside of work can help foster this process, as well as developing a strong sense of personal agency and engaging in career planning.”

Bean holds a doctorate in education from the University of Phoenix, with research interests in bias, cultural competence, immediacy, leadership, and mental health. He is the section editor of Leadership Perspectives in The Journal of Leadership Studies, a publication by Wiley® that is sponsored by the University of Phoenix.

The Michigan Chapter Leader of Media Literacy now, Bean is the author of several educational books such as Social Media Writing Lesson Plans, Using Microsoft Word AutoCorrect for Rigorous Grading, WordPress for Student Writing Projects, and his most recent effort, Bias Is All Around You: A Handbook for Inspecting Social Media & News Stories, a recipient of the 2022 Gold Medal in American Writing Awards.

The full whitepaper is available as a direct link here.

Bean has been employed with University of Phoenix for over 24 years.

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