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University of Phoenix and Executive Networks share findings on generative artificial intelligence in learning & development 

By Sharla Hooper

Research highlights findings including optimism gaps between HR leaders and knowledge workers as well as recommendations on how talent leaders can maximize positive impacts of GenAI

University of Phoenix and Executive Networks are pleased to share the findings of their latest research study 2024 Generative AI Report: L&D’s Breakthrough Moment. Close to 1,000 human resource leaders and knowledge workers were surveyed on generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) in the learning and development (L&D) function. While HR and talent leaders indicated they are optimistic about GenAI – and keen to use it – knowledge workers are less confident. With L&D teams uniquely positioned to drive a dramatic impact on the quality and speed of the learning experiences they deliver, the study identifies important actions to help leaders maximize the positive impact of GenAI for their organizations.

“AI and GenAI are impacting every aspect of the business of learning, and the experience of every learner. This includes new opportunities for personalization at scale, accelerated skill development, more immersive experiences, and faster time to market,” shares Gina Jeneroux, Chief Skills & Innovation Officer, ORG AI and Executive Director, Executive Networks. “L&D teams will need a combination of curiosity and cutting-edge skills to make the most of this shift. They will also need a strong appreciation of the risks that come with the use of AI –– and help the leaders and employees in their organizations do the same.”

The survey, conducted in late 2023, tapped into insights from 497 HR leaders and 504 knowledge workers in North America, and explored how they are using GenAI at work, along with their perceptions about the future of the learning and development (L&D) function given the rise of GenAI. Knowledge workers were surveyed to better understand their experiences and perspectives around GenAI and the impact these new tools are having on their job and their organization.

Raghu Krishnaiah, chief operating officer at University of Phoenix, sees the promise in GenAI capabilities to enhance workforce learning experiences: “Learning leaders and HR professionals are uniquely positioned to unlock the potential of AI in their organizations. Successfully leveraging AI, including GenAI, as a tool of engagement, transformation and equity will require vision, advocacy and empowerment by these leaders.”

The study highlighted that HR and Talent leaders are optimistic about GenAI and moving fast to use it across the HR function – especially in learning. They have high expectations, with 56% expecting greater productivity through GenAI, and 49% expecting to enhance employee experiences.

The study also revealed that knowledge workers were receptive to GenAI in learning: 63% felt the use of GenAI could make content more engaging.

The study also found that only a third of knowledge workers are confident about using GenAI. Women trail men in use and confidence: 34% of women say they are not at all confident about using GenAI in their current role, while 24% of men feel the same.

While HR leaders and knowledge workers see many ways GenAI can enhance their work, real barriers could slow progress, including fear of being replaced by automation (51%), and ethical (43%) and security concerns (41%) about using GenAI for HR. The study identifies five important actions talent leaders should take now to maximize the positive impact of GenAI in their organizations.

University of Phoenix and Executive Networks recently co-hosted a webinar about the realities of front-line work including the role of GenAI and other emerging technology. The webinar recording is available here [Password: FEB2024].

The complete study results are available here.

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