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University of Phoenix Leadership Presents at CBExchange Conference

By Michele Mitchum

Marc Booker, Ph.D., and Justin Hallock discuss strategies for successful implementation of competency-based education programs

University of Phoenix is pleased to share that Vice Provost of Strategy, Marc Booker, and Senior Director of Change Management, Justin Hallock, presented an insightful talk at the recently concluded Competency-Based Education Network (CBEN) CBExchange Conference held October 3-6 in Amelia Island, FL. The presentation, titled "Using Agile and Change Management to Create Sustainable CBE Programs," highlighted the University's remarkable success in implementing competency-based education (CBE) programs that are not only flexible but also sustainable.

In this forward-thinking session, University of Phoenix leaders showcased the design and implementation of their CBE programs. Recognizing the need for a deliberate and strategic approach, the University employed agile methodologies and change management principles to ensure that their CBE programs could adapt to changing conditions and policies while consistently delivering value to students and faculty.

Key highlights from the presentation included the achievement of graduate-level CBE programs that could be completed in less than a year for under $11,000. Moreover, earlier this year the University proudly celebrated the graduation of over 1,000 students within just under three years from the inception of its first cohort. These remarkable outcomes are a testament to the dedication and innovative spirit of the University of Phoenix.

Marc Booker, Vice Provost of Strategy at the University of Phoenix, expressed his enthusiasm for the University's approach, saying, "Our commitment to agile methodologies and change management principles has allowed us to create CBE programs that are truly transformative. We are proud of the exceptional value we offer to our students, and we look forward to sharing our strategies with other thought leaders in the educational community."

Justin Hallock, Senior Director of Change Management at the University of Phoenix, added, "The University's dedication to embracing change and innovation has been instrumental in our success. Our experience in CBE program development is a testament to the power of adaptability and the pursuit of excellence."

Since 2009, Booker has been a regular speaker, contributor, and subject matter expert at national and regional conferences for AACRAO, PACRAO, The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning, EDUCAUSE, and Anthology Together, sharing insight on various topics including leadership, process improvement, change management, prior learning assessment, transfer credit, and articulation.

As Vice Provost for Strategy at the University of Phoenix, Booker oversees critical path academic initiatives to improve the student experience such as learning platform implementations, curricular enhancements, and developing empathetic solutions to drive improved student outcomes through data. In 2020, Booker received a Hall of Fame recognition from Blackboard for his contributions in providing thought leadership and innovation in education.

A veteran of University of Phoenix or 25 years, Hallock is a Senior Director of Change Management and Prosci Certified Change Practitioner. Since the inception of CBE at University of Phoenix in 2020, Justin has supported the growth of 4 credit-based programs and, recently, 3 direct assessment programs, with the credit-based programs exceeding 1,000 graduates within the first 3 years of offering. In addition to his experience supporting CBE programs, Hallock has experience leading LMS transitions, HR system implementations, and legal and regulatory initiatives for the institution. Before his current role, Hallock served in leadership roles for the University’s local campus locations in Florida and various Board of Director roles in the Central Florida community.


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