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University of Phoenix College of Doctoral Studies releases newest edition of its Phoenix Scholar™ academic journal

By Sharla Hooper

Research publication assesses pandemic experience, related evolution of the University, and innovative educational strategies

University of Phoenix has released the 12th edition of the Phoenix Scholar™ academic research journal. Hosted by the College of Doctoral Studies’ Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research (CEITR), this special edition issue of the periodical titled, “Reshaping Education Through Innovation: The Pandemic Response,” examines the ramifications and opportunities of innovation in education technology driven by response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The issue contributes to the body of knowledge and understanding of pandemic response and adaptation that has emerged over the previous year.

“At the outset of the pandemic, we adapted, developed, and witnessed extraordinary change in the delivery and modalities of technology in education in a matter of weeks,” states Mansureh Kebritchi, Ph.D., guest editor of this Phoenix Scholar™ edition, and research chair of CEITR at University of Phoenix. “We planned this edition as a narrative, telling the story of those adaptations and innovations, and especially, shedding light on how educational organizations can manage the enduring implications and encounter future disruptions.”

The issue includes University of Phoenix leadership reflections on strategies used to manage the pandemic challenges and presents several institutional studies managed by CEITR researchers. It covers a variety of topics including remote work skills, alternative credentials such as digital badging and mini certifications, promoting learners’ grittiness and retention, equity in education, and aligning curricula with employer needs.

The Phoenix Scholar™ journal is the academic research publication of University Phoenix’s College of Doctoral Studies and serves as the scholarly platform for communicating the results and outcomes of university research endeavors, and their relationship to the broader scope of learning and scholarship.

Three College research centers contribute to the publication findings: Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research (CEITR), Center for Leadership Studies and Educational Research (CLSER), and Center for Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Research (CWDIR). As longtime leaders in online education, the university utilizes research to develop solutions in the core areas of leadership, workplace diversity and instructional technology to enhance student outcomes, improve communities and to help students, faculty and alumni grow in their career aspirations.

Read the current issue of Phoenix ScholarTM here.

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