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University of Phoenix College of Doctoral Studies scholars participate in international leadership conference

By Sharla Hooper

Research center leadership and scholars engaged in presenting and educating at International Leadership Association’s global event

Leadership, faculty, and fellows-in-residence with the University of Phoenix College of Doctoral Studies and research centers join the proceedings of the International Leadership Association’s (ILA) 24th Global Conference, “Wisdom in Times of Crisis,” taking place online, October 6-7, and in person October 13-16 in Washington, D.C.

The event theme is intended to invite an inquiry into how wisdom might catalyze transformation in global systems contributing to environmental, social, economic, and political crises. The event offers over 400 presentations, workshops, and panels with presenters from around the world, in-person and live online.

“University of Phoenix researchers continue to be strong contributors and community members at this global conference,” states Hinrich Eylers, Ph.D., P.E., vice provost, College of Doctoral Studies, University of Phoenix. “We are pleased to see so many representatives from University of Phoenix engaging in the event and making meaningful connections with the theme through their own research.”

Multiple researchers were accepted for the event from University of Phoenix this year, including the following panels and presentations:

  • Kimberly Underwood, Ph.D., chair, Center for Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Research (CWDIR) presenting “Organizational Diversity Socialization and Companies Deemed ‘Best for Diversity,’” on October 6, and will also present on October 7, “Leading in the ‘New Normal’: A Collaborative Symposium.”
  • Sandra Sessoms-Penny, Ed.D, and Joy Taylor, Ed.D, both fellows of CWDIR, present together, “Black Male Educators and the Role of Leadership,” on October 6.
  • Lynne Devnew, Ph.D., contributed to the presentation, “A Women’s Writing Community of Practice: Meaning-Making During COVID, Honoring Diverse Purposes,” of the in-person event on October 16.
  • Two fellow-in-residence members of the College and CLOSR will present: Ryan Tierney, DM, presenting with Rodney Luster, Ph.D., chair, Center for Leadership Studies and Organizational Research (CLOSR), on “Relational Leadership and Leading by Example: Driving System Change in Crisis Environments,” and Joanne Vázquez de Príncipe, DM, on “Engaging Psychosynthesis, Predictive Dynamics and Human Intelligence Modelling for Superconscious Leadership.”

There will also be a roundtable October 15 at the in-person event highlighting the contributions of the Journal of Leadership Studies, a quarterly academic research publication, produced by Wiley, on behalf of the University of Phoenix College of Doctoral Studies.

The ILA has been operating for over 20 years and is the largest worldwide community committed to leadership scholarship, practice, development, and education, with the stated mission to advance leadership knowledge and practice for a better world by creating a trusted space for leadership learning and by providing trusted leadership resources. The ILA convenes leadership talent across sectors, cultures, disciplines, and generations.

Learn more about the ILA’s 24th Global Conference event and registration here.

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