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University of Phoenix launches new bachelor’s in data science

By Sharla Hooper

New career-relevant program offers degree path in expanding field

University of Phoenix has launched the new Bachelor of Science in Data Science (BSDS) degree program which prepares students with the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to analyze, manipulate, and process data sets using statistical software. The BSDS program is offered through the University’s College of Business and Information Technology.

The BSDS program focuses on data mining and modeling, data programming languages, statistical analysis, data visualization, and storytelling. Students learn techniques to transform structured and unstructured data sets into meaningful information that can be used to identify data patterns and trends and drive strategic decision making. 

University of Phoenix focuses on developing, offering, and continuously updating career relevant degree programs for busy working adults. Career paths related to a Bachelor of Science in Data Science include positions as computer and information systems managers, computer and information systems research scientists, database architects, business intelligence analysts, or clinical data managers.

“Data science offers enormous implications for business outcomes and the success rate of an organization’s strategic plans,” states Kevin Wilhelmsen, Ph.D., dean, College of Business and Information Technology at the University. “The BSDS program is intended to provide data science knowledge and skills that empowers management to make better business decisions and direct actions based on trends. It focuses on building a professional’s ability to data storytell and address implications for business strategy and solutions.”

The BSDS degree program supports learning a wide range of data science, database, and programming principles and practices. Each required course of study within the BSDS program is mapped to three skills the students will learn. For example, in the course BSA/250 Foundations of Data Analytics, the three mapped skills are;

  • Data Analysis Types: Explain descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive aspects of data analytics;
  • Information Systems: Review information system fundamentals, including conceptual, logical, and physical data model types, and the storage, clustering, and relationships between data items; and 
  • Data Insights: Describe how data is translated into meaningful insights using various visualization and communication tools.

The University of Phoenix’s College of Business and Information Technology offers students access to faculty that possess an average of 30.2 years of professional experience. Current faculty includes 136 chief executive officers, 19 chief information officers, three chief information security officers, and 127 information technology/system administrators.

The BSDS degree program requires general education courses and a total of 120 credit hours to completion. Learn more at

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