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University of Phoenix Vice President of Data Strategy and Solutions named to Kensu Global Product Advisory Council

By Michele Mitchum

Veena Nayak joins the council comprised of data thought leaders and practitioners

University of Phoenix is pleased to announce the appointment of Veena Nayak, vice president of data strategy and solutions for the University, to the Kensu Global Product Advisory Council. In this role, Nayak will be part of a team of expert data leaders supporting the organization’s mission to provide Data Observability through strategic guidance. Nayak is one of 10 new members recently appointed to the council.

“I’m honored to work alongside a highly skilled team of data and analytics experts on the Kensu council,” shares Nayak. “The opportunity to collaborate on customer-centric data products and solutions, and identify new opportunities, is truly exciting. I’m looking forward to the work ahead and to the meaningful impact we can have in the data space.”

Kensu offers the first platform dedicated to providing Data Observability at the source. The data observability solution offered by the firm allows data teams to reduce both the risk and cost associated with data incidents, and to become more productive by identifying problems before they arise.  

Speaking ahead of the Council’s first meeting, Eleanor Treharne-Jones CEO of Kensu, stated: “2023 is the year data observability is being adopted as a mainstream solution to the long-standing problems of data trust and reliability. I am excited to work with this visionary group of data leaders to continue to develop the Kensu solution and set the standard for data observability in the market.“

Nayak’s career spans 25 years of leading high performing teams in developing, executing and supporting complex enterprise software. In her role as vice president of Data Strategy and Solutions at University of Phoenix, she leads the enterprise data strategy and data products family, developing innovative solutions in data management, governance and analytics using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Nayak’s expertise spans a range of areas, including data and product strategy, data management and governance, AI/machine learning, and software engineering.

Throughout her career, Nayak has been passionate about leveraging data and advanced analytics to solve complex business challenges and drive innovation. She has successfully created a business vision that links strategy and execution to build sustainable, scalable, and cohesive solutions that bring the best of data/tech to unlock business value. As a thought leader in the space, she is committed to staying at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies and leverage learnings to create informed and intelligent solutions. Veena holds an MBA from W P Carey School of Business and dual degrees in Physics and Computer Technology from University of Mumbai.

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Kensu’s data observability solution allows data teams to reduce risks and costs related to data incidents. It also helps them scale up value creation from their data. Its approach goes beyond simply scanning data files and collecting application logs: it monitors data at the source in real-time, where and when the applications are using it. Data teams are always in control, troubleshooting data issues faster and preventing them from propagating. Hence, they can trust what they deliver and get the most out of their investment in data. Find out more at