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University of Phoenix Vice Provost Selected as Speaker at 2023 Badge Summit

By Michele Mitchum

Marc Booker, Ph.D., joins the event to discuss the value of microcredentials in higher education

University of Phoenix is pleased to share that Vice Provost of Strategy, Marc Booker, Ph.D., was selected as a speaker for the 2023 Badge Summit, hosted by the University of Colorado at Boulder. The event, which has grown to become one of the premier platforms for sharing groundbreaking ideas and exchanging knowledge on badging and microcredentials, took place at the university's campus in Boulder July 24-26, 2023. The annual event draws attendees from various educational institutions, industry professionals, and forward-thinking experts to explore the transformative potential of badging and microcredentials in the digital age.

“Over the past seven years, the Badge Summit has grown to be one of the best places to share innovative ideas about badging and microcredentials,” shares Booker. “Having the opportunity to share the fantastic work that University of Phoenix is doing with its skills-aligned learning and badging initiatives is very exciting, especially when we consider the ways in which microcredentials have the ability to enhance the retrun on investment of a degree for students.”

Booker’s presentaation, “Deep Dive: Using Microcredentials to Change the Student Value Proposition,” examines the potential impact of microcredentials on higher education, including:

·       Creating a foundational infrastructure to support badge and microcredential initiatives

·       Building learning outcomes intentionally from the ground up

·       Using microcredentials to enhance the ROI of a degree and change the value proposition for students

The discussion is part of a two-day event focused on how a skills-mapped approach to curriculum can support equitable access to education. As one of the driving forces behind University of Phoenix's cutting-edge skills-aligned learning and badging initiatives, Booker brings a wealth of experience and to the event. The University of Phoenix has long used the innovative approach innovative to flexible, adaptable online learning to support an equitable environment. The skills-mapped approach to curriculum supports equitable access to progress; when learners obtain skills in weeks, they gain more immediate value from their education and do not have to wait years for a degree before making career decisions that can be built on skills they are already acquiring.

As Vice Provost for Strategy at the University of Phoenix, Booker oversees critical path academic initiatives to improve the student experience such as learning platform implementations, curricular enhancements, and developing empathetic solutions to drive improved student outcomes through data. Booker also serves as dean of the Pacific Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (PACRAO) Leadership Development Institute and was President of PACRAO in 2016. In 2020, Booker received a Hall of Fame recognition from Blackboard for his contributions in providing thought leadership and innovation in education.

Booker has been an employee of the University of Phoenix since 2001.

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