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Explore and navigate legal issues for contemporary business.

Business law classes for professionals

Businesses must comply with a range of laws in order to be compliant with the regulations in their industry. Understanding the body of regulations that govern business, however, can be challenging. By taking business law classes you can gain the foundational knowledge you need for the ethical and legal practice of business.

Business law courses help you understand the legal risks that might be associated with business-related activities. You can learn how to evaluate the potential for risk, determine how to manage risk and limit activities that might lead to legal problems. This knowledge can be valuable at many levels of business, from owning your own company to leading an organization.

We also explore decision making, business ethics and contract law. These areas can be helpful for those in positions of leadership, entrepreneurs and those wishing to move into management. If you need to make employment decisions, you can also study vital areas like employment law and discriminatory issues.

Our business law courses explore topics such as:

  • How to differentiate between personal, real and intellectual property issues.
  • Legal issues related to international business activity.
  • Organizational adherence with corporate governance principle.

Our courses are designed to help working professionals enhance their career through education. By making continuing education more convenient, you can get the skills you need in a way that works for you. You can take business law classes online, completing coursework when it’s right for you.

You can enroll in business law courses to supplement your current knowledge or expand into new areas. Explore your options by calling 866.484.1815 or request additional information.

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