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Research fellow

Dr. Susan Ferebee

Dr. Susan Ferebee

Dr. Susan Ferebee

Dr. Susan Ferebee is a research fellow with the Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research (CEITR). Her research and expertise spans the areas of persuasive technology, persuasion, the neuroscience of persuasion, interpretive communities, learning and teaching online, meditation and critical thinking, and Native American higher education.

She is an active presenter at international and national conferences and within the past several years has presented at the International Conference on Persuasive Technology at Stanford University in 2007, in Oulu, Finland in 2008, at Claremont College in California in 2009, at the Royal Library, Copenhagen, Denmark in 2010, and at the Academic Forum in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 2015, winning the Best Conference Presentation award.  

In 2016, Susan co-authored research articles that were presented at OLC Accelerate 2016 in Orlando, Florida and at E-Learn 2016 (AACE) in Washington, D.C. Susan has been an invited speaker at the International HCI (Human Computer Interaction) Conference in San Diego, 2009 and presented at the 9th International Conference on Education and Information Systems, Technologies and Applications: EISTA in November, 2011. She is an invited Peer Reviewer for The European Conference on Information Systems 2011and for the UMAP (User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization) conference in Spain. In addition, Dr. Ferebee is an invited book and article reviewer for Computing Reviews.

Susan has published a number of peer-reviewed articles.  Published works written with colleagues include Neural persuasion: Aligning neural readiness, perceived need, and intervention strategies; Persuading library use in technologically structured individuals; Emergent leadership, persuasion, and trust in virtual leaderless groups; Teaching mathematics using mediated and mixed-mediated communication models. Susan has also published The influence of gender and involvement level on the perceived credibility of web sitesSuccessful persuasive technology for behavior reduction: Mapping to Fogg’s gray behavior grid.

Susan has also served as a subject matter expert in curriculum development for Human Computer Interaction, Mobile Application Development, and Innovation and Design courses.

Dr. Ferebee’s current research in progress includes studies on critical thinking and meditation, the Native American higher education student experience, and the interpretive communities of first year online students.

Susan earned her Ph.D. in Information Systems at Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She is a faculty member in the School for Advanced Studies, and consultant with more than 25 years of experience working directly with organizations and higher education institutions. Dr. Ferebee started her career as a software developer, then branched into business administration and systems analysis. She has extensive experience in corporate America performing analysis and research related to systems and business process engineering at Intuit, Lucent Technologies, and America on Line (AOL). Dr. Ferebee has successfully analyzed and improved business processes and system designs both within these companies and as an outside consultant. Dr. Ferebee now focuses on academic and teaching

Susan has received numerous teaching and outstanding contributor awards, and has been awarded several research grants.